Money Making Website For Your MLM Business

Tricks in Creating A Money Making Website To Explode Your MLM Business

by jeng cua

Did you know that a simple website or blog has the potential to make you money?  But of course you need to do it rightly.  Making money online is for those who have made a decision to sacrifice pleasure or comfort for the time being in creating a money making website that can explode your business or any MLM business!
The only way to make money with a website is to sell your own product, affiliate products or offer a services.  So, it’s not really about creating a beautiful and colorful  website and expecting some forms of miracle to deposit money into your bank account – you must offer something to your reader.

Money Making Website Saves You Time & Money

Like many MLM independent distributors or small business owners,  you may believe your business cannot benefit from having your own website or that a website is not within your budget or maybe your MLM company already provided you a website and there is no need for you to spend in building one of your own.  No matter what size your business is, a website is a necessity in building your OWN money making machine online.
Money Making Website For Your MLM Business
Most network marketing companies have restrictions to their independent distributors like: Independent distributors should not get involved with any other networking business opportunity or they should only utilize the website provided by the company or you are not allowed to do this and do that….Is this sounds familiar to you?
When I first got involved with network marketing business, I thought that this is the business that I can considered my own – put my time and effort in building it,  but along the way I felt  that I was restricted to do many things – I do not have any control of my downline for me to optimize them if in case they decided not to join my primary business and I do not have any control of my products.
Think of your website as being your online platform.  It is much easier and quicker to update information about your products and services, building relationship, making it an effective sales funnel, newsletter subscription, or any new services or product you now offer –  this is what I called a money making website!


Make it a point that your website is for people.  Your target audience already has problems in their lives. They’re looking up to you as the website owner and service provider to help them out and not your MLM company.  It doesn’t matter the keyword that you optimized for, without addressing real pains or struggles that your audience is looking, it’d be difficult to sell your product or join your opportunity.
Money Making Website For Your MLM Business
Right from the domain name, down to the content, it must be relevant with value and easy to read.  Website should be built for potential prospects that soon to be converted to buyers or partners.
You must have heard this phrase, “content is a King.”  You must think of your readers.  Provide what they are looking for. You really need to focus 75% of your time and goal into content writing, list building and marketing.
If you want to rank on top of search engine, you must provide good content because Google specifically likes quality content.  If your website or blog is always updated, it can send a lot of free organic traffic to your website and that’s all that matters.
Listen to your prospects more. Whatever question you hear them ask, make it an article topic.  Before you know it, your website would become a social media platform.  Organic targeted free traffic would come to you easily, but you must work for it now.
People don’t buy from strangers or anyone that they don’t know like and trust. Start generating income from your website, you should build an email list.  This is your money making website that will lead you to true time and money freedom.
Money Making Website For Your MLM Business
If you build a website for people and spoon feed them with quality and helpful content, they’d be willing to give away their precious email addresses and names to you and will be eager to hear more information from you.
Use every opportunity to channel targeted traffic to your email list. Add optin box on your website and make it visible.  Just like social media buttons, the subscription box shouldn’t be hidden or masked.
And once you follow the rule, you’ll not only build a strong relationship with prospects, but you’d have better chances of making more money on the backend than frontend.
Your website is just like a hub or store where you meet with people and share your best content with them.
But you need to take it serious in building your mailing  list.  You must remember that money is the list!  Create a product or affiliate product that you can offer for sale and start monetizing your list.
If you know a website that’s making a lot of money, you should visit the website and look at the way the owner monetized. You could write e-book or build a membership site which can bring in recurring passive income to you.
That’s all for today….

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