MLM Networking Business: Getting It Right The First Time

Networking Business:  How to Get it Right The First Time?

by jeng cua

Why there are so many network marketers jumping from one network marketing company to another and still didn’t attain their success?

 When I first started my networking business,  I made my thorough research about the company, products, CEO and of course the compensation plan by details.  During my early days, I was so excited introducing my product and opportunity to my families and friends and I could say that it was a success because I was one of the top 50 associate sponsors during my early days.


MLM Networking Business: Getting it right the first time

Then, after several months I  see myself repeating the same routine again and again thinking who am I going to call to make appointment to introduce my product and opportunity.  Trying to make new friends in Facebook so I can introduce my product and opportunity to them. Then, I realized that this is not the life that I want – this is not the true freedom that I am looking for because after I signed up several people as my downline I slowly seeing them drifting away from me.  Of course  everyone is aware that you cannot make money in networking business if you cannot build and sustain your downline right?


The problem that I had is the same problem that I see others having…..

 What’s Really Behind A Networking Business

 Generally, if you get involved in network marketing business or direct selling business, you need to have a good selling skills to sell your products or recruit people to join your opportunity.  This could mean hours of cold calling, hard work and effort in looking your right prospects or customers that will be suited for your business.  And more often you will end up frustrated, no sales and facing rejections!


MLM Networking Business: Getting it right the first time

The old traditional way of MLM Networking Business have always been writing down the names of everybody you know, call them, make appointment and tell them about your business opportunity and/or product.  While this method works to few and can produce some results, it is not the best strategy for your long-term success due to many reasons:


Lead Deprivation:



Do you ever experienced running out of contact lists and does not know who is the next person to call?  Or Maybe you already build your down line and after several months you just can’t figure it out why they are slowly fading away from you and you are there left behind alone by yourself?

 Driven Solely By Money:

 If you are solely driven by money or being desperate to make money fast, you will have a great chance to fail because you treat people with dollar sign on their forehead instead of giving more outflow or valuable information to help them solve their problem.   In any form of business, how long do you think you can make money or can break even?

 Feeling Rejected:

 Obviously that you can only earn money in networking business by leveraging the efforts of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of others in your organization by duplicating what you do – your system, method or strategy.   Obviously, it is simple to say, but why 98% of people seems wasting your precious time and you are not seeing retirement in the near future?

 What I’m going to do is cover the three steps of growth and give you an assignment to focus your attention.



Step One:  Build your MLM Networking Business online.

 Get your system in place. Think about this…if you are involved in any MLM Networking Business which business are you promoting?  Your own business or your MLM company’s business?  Can you consider this business your “OWN”?  If you cannot control your mailing list and product, then it is simple that you do not own this business.


MLM Networking Business: Getting it right the first time

You’ve got to have a website or blog in place first.  Most people get frustrated when they’re not making any money and they don’t even have their sales system in place! I’ve never seen a restaurant owner try to sell pizza or burgers before they erect their restaurant and their cashier to collect money.  Bringing your MLM networking business online is no different.


Step Two:  Learn How To Capture Your Target Traffic or Prospects

 Trying to close customers over the phone before you have any prospects doesn’t work, and you can’t have prospects until you have website/blog traffic.  There are a lot of effective ways to generate targeted traffic to your website free and paid. They all work and are specialized to different kinds of effectiveness.  You  just need to  focus to one strategy for at least 90 days consistently and realize that until you have at least 50 to 100 people a day going to your website.

 Capturing their contact information from people who visit your website. This is usually done with an opt in form on a blog or sales page that allows a prospect to ask for more information about what you do.  If you don’t capture your prospect’s information, it is hard to realized the financial equivalent of your networking business.

 Step Three:  Learn How To Create Your Sales Funnel

Sales is in the follow up.  Most people does not want to call prospect to do their follow up.  There is nothing to worry about this because you can automate your follow up  to start building the like, know and trust from your targeted prospect by using an auto-responder email marketing.  You can have a pre-written follow up emails that you can schedule and disburse these personalized  to all your mailing lists of 100, 1000 or even 10,000 lists with the power of just one click and you can schedule your message every single day, every 7 days, month or years to come in order to convert those leads into sale.

 Now, Is your system set up? If not, set it up now! and learn slowly while you earn and start building your online presence if you want to win this game!

 Focus on PROSPECTING by doing the right attraction marketing to help you grow your networking business.

 I hope this helped you, and I’ll look forward to seeing you at the top of your companies pay plan.  If so, please share this to others so they can as well benefit from this, and leave a comment below!

 Let’s have some conversation!

 To your One Step Up To Success!

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