Marketing Tips: Why only few people make money online successfully?

How To Make Money Online in Only Few Hours A Day

by jeng cua

Does beauty and brain has something to do in any success in life?   Could it be that the successful people are better looking?  or smarter?   Why is it that some people are successful when it comes to making money online and others are not.

Actually this same thing can be applied to many areas in life…

– Online home business

– Weight Loss

– Relationships and more

Here’s one of my favorite quote from Vince Lombardi…

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”

Marketing Tips: Why only few people make money online successfully?

Success has nothing to do with beauty and brain nor luck.  To understand how some people become wildly successful in business or in life is simply because they have the strong “WILL” to take action and make decision.  Based from the book of think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill,  ”An accurate analysis of over 25,000 men and women who had experienced failure disclosed the fact that lack of decision was near the head of the list of the 30 major causes of failure.  This is no mere statement of theory – its a fact.”

Make Money Online  Day or Night!

The middle class are much more likely to rely on skills learned in school while the self-made wealthy are more likely to rely on leveraging opportunities that can be found by serving groups of people who need each other but don’t know each other.

Entrepreneurs, home based business, internet marketers or a network marketers are taking their business to make money online.  When people ask me “how to make money online”?, I simply ask them if they already had a business.  If the answer is yes, I advise them to go online.  This is one of the fastest ways to make money online due to the efficiency of the technology.  You can earn money from home, at the beach or even when you are sleeping.   Taking your business online is nothing other than developing a simple website or blog, capturing  your potential clients contact details, building the like, know and trust so your potential clients will keep on coming back to your site, communicate with your customer daily by using an automated auto-responder email and a good sales funnel in placed to convert these potential clients to customers.


That’s it.  Nothing special at all…they just decided that they wanted a change in life and they made the decision to make it work.   Analysis of several thousands of people who accumulated success in their career, business and relationships that everyone of them had a habit of making decision promptly and work hard with persistence to reach what they want.


They actually had some large motivating factor that caused them to decide to become successful and this is your own “WHY”.   When you MAKE A DECISION and you make it with conviction and are truly dedicated, you will be motivated to search out, take action and have success in whatever you do.
And here is the thing…   YOU CAN do anything you set your mind by attracting them through positive energy.  Put all the negative stuff behind you and realize that anything is possible no matter what your circumstances, color, location and gender. 
If you make it complicated and get distracted by any other shiny object that gives you promises here and there, you won’t get any results and you’ll make things way more painful than they really need to be by wasting your time and money.   I know that from personal experience so please learn from my pain :-)
If you want to learn the simple steps, you may just visit my personal blog to learn how I do it!
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