Why Many Filipinos Work Abroad And Still in Debt?

Can I Work Abroad To Pay Off My Debt?

by jeng cua

Should I live abroad and work there to pay off my debt?
This is a common question of many Filipinos who wants to get out of debt.

I used to be a victim of what the majority are doing.  Yes! I have a good and decent career as a flight attendant based in New York few years back. I am earning a good sum amount of money every month, but why I need to live paycheck to paycheck with $16k in credit card debt?

It’s simple….

Because I am doing the opposite way on how the successful people are spending their money and time.  I bought a new car, I renovated our house and I can even spend $100 for my lingerie.  What a nice lifestyle huh?

Every year, thousands of young Filipino people wants to live and work abroad thinking life in other country is a lot better.  There are many reasons Filipinos work abroad, but when they go back home they still cannot cope up in paying their credit card debt, car and house mortgages and just go back to the exact cycle again and again of being broke.

How To Stay Out Of Debt To Sleep Soundly At Night?

I am proud to be a Filipino, but there are some Filipino cultures that I am not into it. We Filipino’s have a strong nature of making everyone at home happy and comfortable by sending money to our family back home. If you continue to do something that you don’t have the extra money to do then you end up poor.  The story will just roll back from where you started.  Working so hard, but still empty handed.  Most overseas workers tend to send big portion of their money to their families while they suffer in debt in the foreign country they are working in.  Don’t spend money in making your family dependent on you because you are not helping them in the first place.  The goal of money, is not for people to be victim of it but to make them feel secured, protected and sheltered not only in the present, but especially in the future.

Why Many Filipinos Work Abroad And Still In Debt?

I remember when we were in the US, we can enjoy a nice fine dining, broadway show and shopping with our US$5.00 in our pocket.  One beautiful sunny day I went for a flight and when my husband pick me up from the airport my eyes opened widely seeing his new white Celica car driving closer to me.  Can you imagine how fast you can get a new car or house in the US?  This is not all about getting anything that you desire.  This is all about drowning yourself into debt without knowing it!

If you will notice nowadays, you can easily get credit card just around the corner even if you do not intend to get one. There may be many people who suggest that you should get a credit card for emergency purposes, but before you do it you should evaluate your capability of paying it and carefully decide whether or not you really need a credit card.  A credit card can be a useful tool in some ways, when you know how to use it properly.


You will not become rich by living on borrowed money like your credit cards debts, loan or mortgage.  You should avoid borrowing or using your credit card without any assessment of future cash flow to pay this in a short period of time.  You should NOT to become a lifetime slave of any debt.  I’ve been there and I know this feeling that things are not right.  Although this is difficult to pinpoint and explain, I believe that anyone who is in serious debt would immediately know what I am talking about.

1. Live within your means

I hate it when I see my fellow Filipinos leave the Philippines just because they think that they could find a better life and better job in other country.

Why Many Filipinos Work Abroad And Still In Debt?

I guess the bottom line here is, if you borrow your lifestyle it doesn’t matter what color of your skin is, nationality, location or gender are you in, but the most important is you should know how to live within your means.  You must remember even when you are in the Philippines or working abroad if you spend more than your income, its difficult to attain financial stability.

2. Monitor your spending

Record and monitor your spending every month by keeping a consistent recording everyday and have a log book or file in excel.  Then segment your spending into expense categories such as restaurant, shopping, medical, groceries, utilities, representation, gas and transportation etc.

Why Many Filipinos Work Abroad And Still In Debt?

Once you have that information, you can now monitor closely your expenses and analyze your spending to find ways to reduce your expenses and free up more money for savings paying off bills and to invest to make more money for you.  Make sure to record all your income (money coming in from salary, rentals, dividends, business).

3.  Make more money 

If you put yourself in a financial chaos, then have the initiative and goal to get yourself out of that mess by making more money to grow your income.


Why Many Filipinos Work Abroad And Still In Debt?

You can create a passive income from home, but you still need to keep your job to sustain your monthly billings.  If you can spare  some money in building a business with low start up cost, no overheads and can take only 2-3 hours of your time daily then it is practical to expect yourself to also be able to make more money.
If you have the fire burning desire to build your future by freeing yourself from debt, then it may not be a bad idea to start an online business and build it slowly to generate an auto-pilot income for you and your family.  It is always a good idea to take action in strengthening your financial situation when you are still able.  Free yourself fromdebt and let your money grow with time!
…and follow the simple steps.  It’s working for me and thousands of others out there online.
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