How to escape from the traditional way of MLM prospecting

MLM Prospecting Mistake To Avoid

by jeng cua

Do you monitor your progress on your old and new ambitions?


After I quit my job, another chapter of my life begins….


I will not be surprised if you are among those majority who are negative when it comes to Network
 Marketing Business or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).  Few years back I used to be like you until such a time that I realized the importance of leveraging in order for me to put an end in exchanging my time for money.  Besides, companies nowadays are becoming wiser and wiser on how they can maximize their employee’s performance since the entire world is shifting to a performance base pay in reducing their overhead, but still attaining the same output for them.


How to escape from the traditional way of MLM prospecting

Being safe like working for someone else is the new risky and the most frightening thing now. Because there is NO such thing as job security anymore. This is really a life- changing thing that is currently happening now!


Fatal Flaws MLM Prospecting

MLM prospecting is usually pursued incorrectly since everybody is looking forward to make money fast from all the leads they have. However, a lead is something you need to take a look at.  Is this a lead that has potential that you are looking at? Or is it just a waste of your time and money? Think about it for a minute because 80% of all leads end up wasting your precious time.

You probably see various shows that shows people searching for gold mine, which is prospecting. They wouldn’t waste their time looking in an area with little hope or without any dent of success in drilling the land, so why should you waste your time talking to anyone you see moving?  MLM prospecting requires you to make a change within your business and marketing tactics by seeking potential prospects that will become a part of your team and work together in the same flow your productive output.

How to escape from the traditional way of MLM prospecting

I want you to learn first hand how I created my One Step Up to success and momentum for my own life. I will break down the steps and will give you the exact formula for you to attain success in areas of your life by building the business of your dream and enjoy the time freedom with your loved ones.  I want you to lay the foundation before you try to build your mansion or to ride your dream car.  It is essential for you to understand the importance of creating a strong and correct ground work to obtain the success in all areas of your life.



You will learn how to work smart but not hard, you will focus in simple task each day, you will learn how to work in a more cost effective and efficient way in building your own platform out in the world wide web, you will learn effective techniques in branding yourself “YOU” using tools and strategies to bring your business with automation that will skyrocket your results than using your mouth in selling.

I joined one Network Marketing Business Company specializing in cellular nutrition. Popularity is definitely one of the best ways to determine what’s going on in the marketplace, but according to research, since 1956 thousands of different MLM or Network Marketing companies have opened their doors; and to date only +/- 50 MLM companies have found a way to celebrate their 10th anniversary and still remain in business today.

How to escape from the traditional way of MLM prospecting

In the real world, only few people are considered Billionaires.  There is no difference with  Multi Level Marketing that only few leaders climbed to be “Millionaires”. Most people when they experience difficulty in selling or getting prospect, they will get discouraged and they easily QUIT in this building process.  I made my thorough research about the company, products, CEO and of course the compensation plan by details.  During my early days, I was so excited introducing my product and opportunity to my families and friends and I could say that I made good money because I was number 4 of the top 50 associate sponsors during my initial days.

Then, after several months I  see myself repeating the same routine again and again thinking who am I going to call to make appointment to introduce my product and opportunity.  Trying to make new friends in Facebook so I can introduce my product and opportunity to them. Then, I realized that this is not the life that I want – this is not the true freedom that I am looking for because after I signed up several people I slowly seeing them drifting away from me.  You cannot make money in networking business if you cannot build and sustain your downline. The problem that I had is the same problem that I see others having….

So, I need to dig down and see what’s really behind a networking business.

The old traditional way of MLM Networking Business have always been writing down the names of everybody you know, call them, make appointment and tell them about your business opportunity and/or product.  While this method works to few and can produce some results, it is not the best strategy for your long-term success due to many reasons:

1.  Lead Deprivation

2.  Driven Solely By Money

3.  Feeling Rejected

Best MLM Prospecting is Building A Websites or Blogs:

How to escape from the traditional way of MLM prospecting

Websites and blogs offer people real answers to their problems in life. If they have been trying to make money online, you just so happen to know what information they require, and if they subscribe they become a part of yourMLM prospecting since you have your  target lead is willingly to give their  information to receive more information from you.


This is the proper way to go about earning the respect of your leads that help you receive a better income in the long run.

MLM Prospecting Has Long Term Advantages If You Do It Right!

This method of MLM prospecting is going to keep your income increasing continuously in auto-pilot since you are both looking for potential leads, and then also “pulling” in the laser targeted leads that subscribe through your blogging platform and social media connections.  Spending a couple of hours out of the day for a few weeks will ensure the best MLM prospecting  benefits to come and bring the money in as either a person that purchased a product, or a lead that will join your business opportunity.

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How to escape from the traditional way of MLM prospecting

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How to escape from the traditional way of MLM prospecting
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