Your Big Win 2014 – Make It Happen!

Importance of a Big Win – Making it happen in 2014 with a big win can be fuel for your fire and help kick your business into the next gear.

We all want a big win in our lives. Something that puts us on top of the world, guarantees freedom, or makes everything better. But that sounds like winning a lottery…and that’s not what I’m talking about here. I’m talking about a big win in your business…and I’m talking about creating that big win.

We Have To Create Our Big Win

Our  big win will come from a series of little wins, and defeats too. No one wins all the time… but we create wins through planning, taking action, sheer determination and lots of hard work. We have to create a win of some sort, to establish ourselves as leaders. And when we do, we show others what we did, and how, and that they can too. And we create followers doing it. To create followers, we become winners.

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Everyone’s Big Win is different

For beginners or those just getting going, a big win may be something as simple as creating a blog…getting it up online and driving traffic to it, or getting subscribers to that blog. Or maybe getting a sales funnel up and functional on their blog…that’s a big deal and something to be proud of. To others it may be reaching a certain rank in their company, or a certain position in the search engines with a popular keyword. Or what about being able to leave a full time job and coming home to work…or bringing a spouse home from their full time job. Maybe getting a child into a certain college, or being able to go on that dream vacation. Those are all big wins worth celebrating.

Promote Your Big Win

Use your big win to further your success in your business and promote it to the world… encourage others and establish yourself as a leader. People are looking for winners…they are wired to join winners, winning teams, and leaders. Talk about your big win…share you accomplished it, what it took, and how you feel about hitting that mark…and create that followerhip. Everyone loves hard workers that make things happen… it’s inspirational and shows anything is possible.

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Big Wins come from Win Stacking

Our big win doesn’t happen overnight or without a fight. We don’t just fall into it, we work for it and we make it happen, by getting little wins along the way…and some defeats too. No one wins all the time …it’s a process…and sometimes a long drawn out process. But then the exhilaration and rewards are ten fold. So talk about those little wins too, and those defeats along the way…and learn to turn some of those defeats into wins. Learn to turn the negatives into positives. And keep going. Win stacking never ends… it’s a continual ongoing process.. a map and a path to success. That victor’s mentality can push anyone to the extreme. We push the envelope and strengthen our win muscles, not our defeat muscles. And we continue on our path to our big win.

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How will that big win make you feel

Winning feels good and we all want that. It feels good getting closer with each little win. Seeing that light getting brighter and brighter each step of the way. That is a huge motivator…that drive for satisfaction and triumph, and it will get you there. On the other hand think also about how not reaching your big win will make you feel. Disappointment or fear of failure can be a huge motivator and a driving force in itself. Set your mind that failure is not an option. The only option is to get that next win…and keep going. There’s no better motivation than progress. Just keep going.

by Brett Gurney

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Striving for Excellence

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