How NOT to do social media marketing

How many of you can define social Media marketing?

To me social media marketing means gaining attention ( or traffic) using social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or social sites such as Adlandpro

Marketing on Social networks means being social and here are some pet peeves of mine about those who are social networking the wrong way!

 Sometimes you read something that you just need to share because it is that good.

 over on Googleplus shared a thought that I would like all of you to read and heed……

when marketing on social real
“Imagine you are hosting a house warming party. You open your doors to your friends, family, and neighbors. Now imagine all your guest are trying to sell something to you instead of chit chatting over interesting topics. You would be irritated to say the least and probably glue your wallet shut. Now my parents were great entrepreneurs. My Dad had his used car lot, a rentals, landscaping business, and also sold produce, even bags of pecans all from our residence. My mother sold everything from Avon, recipe books, to drop shipping appliances. They had mad skills, but it was not about the pitch. It was their social skills. They always made everyone feel at ease and both of them had their own skill set doing this. My Dad was a happy fellow and could spin a good yarn to make potential customers laugh. Before you would know it, he would of sold or rented one product that was of interest to the customer but also cross sell another product. My Mother, well her skill was being the perfect Host. Well mannered, offered refreshments, a wiz on various topics and a good demonstrator. She would put anyone to shame on any info commercial or shopping network. The point I am making is simply this, be yourself. Socialize and don’t go right into a pitch. Tell a story, create a tutorial, then introduce a solution, related product/service. You have to warm people up and take the standpoint you are helping them and not just out for the buck.
 For all the people who have a glimmer of understanding social networking, there are those who just don’t seem to get it and then wonder why they are not getting any sales. Here are my top 4 pet peeves ( is that a good wording?) when it comes to people “trying” to social network and failing miserably:

 1. Have you ever been to a party where you meet that person who all they can do is talk about themselves? they seem to have done everything and they know everything. I don’t know about you but these people drive me crazy! when you are in a social setting, whether it be online or offline, think about others and sorry..its not always about you and it definitely is not about the sell!
2. Have you ever been to a party and talking about something and a person comes in and totally disrupts a conversation with a different topic? On social networks this is called HIGHJACKING and trust me you will not make any friends doing this kind of behavior. It is rude, it is disruptive and if you think that is social networking…think again!
 3. Have you ever been to a party and everyone is having a great conversation and in comes the one person you dread..the person who is always complaining about this or that. They have nothing worthwhile to say and even worse they usually will say something that is mean or hurtful. When social networking always be professional, friendly and courteous. Insulting your followers and contacts will never make you a sale!
and my last pet peeve to those who are doing social networking the wrong way….

The social butterfly!
Have you ever been to a party and in comes the person who flits around, never having anything meaningful to say, but loves to show off and be seen? In social networking, these people go from social network to social network, not to add anything worthwhile to any given conversation…they are just there to say…look at me! Social networking is about being authentic, to help people solve a problem or to add to a conversation. While the social butterflies can be entertaining, if they have nothing to say, all they really are ..are people who have no idea on what social networking really is!
Do you have any pet peeves about people who are social media marketing  the wrong way and how do you feel you could help people learn a better way?
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