Principles For Success For Internet Marketing

Your One Step Up Principles For Success

by jeng cua

Have you ever heard about Internet Marketing?

How about network marketing?  Maybe someone approached you in the coffee shop and trying to pitch you about their MLM product, opportunity or maybe showing you the fancy cars and money from their network marketing business?
When I get involved with Network marketing business, I thought that this can be a great way to earn everything and to have my generous time and money freedom.  Before signing up with my first ever network marketing business, I made my homework by doing a deep research about the company, CEO, their financial status, product, competitors (in fact my product is one of the top and best product in the whole world), market capitalization, compensation plan, benefit of leverage income, if the company gives stock dividend etc etc….I have no doubt about the company and the product itself, in fact I was able to build my downline and earn good amount of money. YES!
Principles For Success For Internet Marketing Philippines
One day I realized that I got tired of signing up tons of people that never do anything. 
 And I hate seeing good people give up because they are more concern of what other people will say about their business and this is what I hate the most! –   working tons of hours and not seeing retirement in the near future and doing the same routine every single day thinking who to call to arrange appointment , discussing over the dinner table  about my business with my family, chasing prospects with the $ sign on their forehead.  Sounds familiar huh???

Is This Really For Me?
Many people join MLM type opportunities without really knowing what they are getting themselves in to. This is probably one of the biggest reasons for the fact that some people have very low thoughts about this type of business.
Principles For Success For Internet Marketing Philippines
Anything that promises over-night riches or success is just not true.  There is a saying of  ”Too Good To Be True”, until I discovered this attraction marketing that is so powerful for me to apply in getting sign ups to my business, sell my product or services without lifting the phone, meeting up people in the coffee shop and the best part is I can make money without using my mouth to sell and make money while I am sleeping.

Proven & Simple Principles For Success That Are Effective! 

Working on passive income or making a great income IS VERY POSSIBLE if you do it correctly and by following the basic principles for success instead of doing the traditional way of pitching your products, chasing or calling your prospects.   However the riches and success don’t come over night.  But you can get rich if you really want it.  That is a fact!
Principles For Success For Internet Marketing Philippines
Did you know that one of the best ways that people have been generating a higher income these days is via Internet marketing. Many are not sure how they can successfully market themselves online, today I will shed you some light and give you an idea on how to apply these principles for success if you struggle to hang on with your network marketing business or any small business that you are doing now.
Are you ready to here these effective, but simple principles for success?


Check out some of these tips below for some solid advice that can help you in attaining what true time and freedom to have the life that you deserve and your family.
There are certain core principles, regardless of the profession or course of action, that have proven to create success when followed.
Other skill sets may need to be developed, but sticking with these solid principles will lead to your success.
Blog Daily To Build Strong Online Foundation – If you are employed in a job, in order to get paid, you have to show up to work daily and do your task right?  So why would it be different in a business of your own?  If someone is looking for the same product that you are offering in Google search engines (ex. lose weight product, gardening, dog grooming, restaurant, photography) and you are not  visible online, they will continue on and find someone else.   Is this make sense to you?
Award Winning Playwright Woody Allen is known for this saying – “80% of success is just showing up.”
Principles For Success For Internet Marketing Philippines
How are you doing with this in your business? Are you there, each day; working in and on your business; doing the actionable steps that lead to success? Before moving on to the other principles, make sure you are solid on this one. This is your big time FOUNDATION!
Be Consistent To Your DMO – much like showing up, it sounds simple enough. And yet, with an online business, many people can fall into the trap of thinking they are working on their business, when really they are just playing out in social media like spending 1 hour in Facebook looking for your friend status updates, commenting, posting your laundry picture and so on…
Principles For Success For Internet Marketing Philippines
DMO means daily more of operation.  Focus to take small steps each day – blogging, marketing your content, engaging with real people in social media and building trust and relationships with people.  You need to remember that people do not buy on the first time they visit your blog site or website.  You need to build the know, like and trust before they will start picking out their credit card from their pocket!  Don’t fall into the trap of looking at each days results and measuring your success on that.  Be patient.  There will be no instant success! You need to work hard and earn it!
Behind the scenes things are happening every day. People are watching you, and yet you have no clue at this point. They are watching for your consistency and to be sure you are really “in” and committed to the game. Don’t disappoint them.
Have a Powerful Burning Desire – Remember, you control your thoughts, your feelings and your actions. Your principles for success is to start each day with a routine that gets your attitude off on the right track!
It’s easy to think that as long as we are taking action and doing the tasks of building the business that it doesn’t matter what we are thinking internally, or how our attitude is. But, this is wrong thinking.
Principles For Success For Internet Marketing Philippines
People sense where you are in terms of your belief, commitment and general thinking. I’m sure you can remember a time when you met up with someone having a really bad day. Maybe they didn’t even say a word, but you could feel and sense it right?
Take some time to listen to entrepreneurs from all walks of life and much of their story is the same – idea, work, struggle, failure, work, failure, and then ultimately success. If you just stick with something long enough, you will have success.
Results come last, after putting in the time and sweat equity. If this were not the case, everyone would be rich and successful…and thin, right?
Take action and Follow these Principles For Success and believe in what you are pursuing with your whole heart. Even when there are setbacks and disappointments, you must believe that success will be yours.
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Let’s have some conversation!
To your One Step Up To Success!
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