Network Marketing For Beginners.

The key to network marketing is in your mindset – are you the employee or are you the owner?

network marketing for beginners  takes learning and being willing to work

Here’s the honest scoop on network marketing: It’s very much like any other business. You’re going to have to give yourself a different mindset to make it work.

If you’re a plumber… and you’re handy with tools, and pipes, and a shovel… BIG DEAL. That doesn’t mean you can run a successful plumbing business.

Running a plumbing business has very little to do with tools, and pipes, and shovels. It has everything to do with marketing, salesmanship, customer satisfaction, follow-up, planning, timing, telephone answering skills, keeping customers and vendors happy, etc.

It’s the MINDSET that distinguishes the plumbing technician from the plumbing business owner… especially THE SUCCESSFUL ONE.

The same with the successful network marketer. You’re going to have to rise to the level of “I’M A MARKETER”. Not just “I’m a rep for Blah Blah company.”

My message to anyone who is new to network marketing… is this: AS FAST AS YOU CAN—change your mindset to that of a marketer… not just an employee who does the minimum.

What do marketers do? Well, first of all they analyze markets. Where is your market? Not everyone is a good prospect for your product. What does your market do? What do they read? What do they search for on Google? Where do they shop? Vacation? What hopes and dreams do they have.

The more you can understand YOUR MARKET… the more success you’ll have.

If you’re selling hot dogs, you don’t really need the very best hot dogs, or fancy signs, or a big ad budget… all you need is A HUNGRY CROWD. That is marketing. Finding the hungry crowd.

There is a phrase in the network marketing world… about sharing this with your family and friends. But that my friend, is NOT marketing. You’ll soon run out of family and friends. Then what? Why, if you’re a marketer… you’ll look BEYOND your family and friends. You’ll have to reach out… most likely advertise… to add to your success.

The secret about advertising is this—it’s about getting LEADS… and FOLLOWING UP with them until the cows come home.

Every business is about getting leads and following up. Network marketing and the plumbing business… they are both about getting leads and following up. Car dealers too. Furniture stores too. Any business is mostly about generating leads and following up.

Follow up, follow up, follow up.

If you’re a beginner in network marketing tell yourself—“I am a name collector.”

You see, if you collect names and follow up with them about what you have to offer, you’ll make money.

Follow up, follow up, follow up.

You want to collect the right kind of names. Names of real, possible buyers. If you’re a plumber, you don’t want the names of renters… just home owners. Why? Because renters don’t make decisions about plumbing repairs. It’s the home owners who do.

If you’re a new network marketer… you need to collect names of two groups of people. One group would be those who could use your product or service. The next group of names would be those who want an income opportunity. Network Marketing offers both… products and services… plus opportunities.

You’re not going to get away from this idea— Follow up, follow up, follow up.

Every serious and successful business operator does it.

Years ago… When I opened up an ad agency… I wanted a car dealer for a customer/client. I called some 32 different car dealers. WOW, what a bummer. Miss Gatekeeper would not put me through to Mister Big. And Mr. Big never did return my call.

What did I do? Follow up, follow up, follow up.— I sat down and wrote 12 letters to those car dealers. I mailed a new letter to them every three days. I never got past the 8th letter before I had more car business than I knew what to do with.

When you sign up for a network marketing company… trust me… this is going to be your plan too. Follow up, follow up, follow up.

You’re going to have to reach out… and then reach out again. And again. Maybe not every day… but you should at least contact them every six months.

Do you want to know an insiders secret?  Many a marketer has discovered that the magic happens somewhere around the 8th contact. So… if you want success in 8 days… contact them every day. If you want success in 8 months… mail em, phone ‘em, visit ‘em once a month for eight months. You can’t mail ‘em or contact ‘em too much. You’ll run out of ideas before you run out of stamps.

And since you’re now in the network marketing business and you’re getting my message into your soul– Follow up, follow up, follow up— use tools that will work for your from video marketing ( this is my affiliate link) to using autorsponders, newsletters and other online tools

The truth about network marketing that every beginner should know is this—you’re going to need to become a marketer. No longer can you sit on your butt and expect to get paid and coddled and babied. In the beginning, you’ll find that it’s a lot of work for little pay… but as you go along… it will be the easiest money you’ve ever made.

All network marketing companies set aside between 20% to 50% of their cash flow to give to you and your down-line monthly commissions.

Generally speaking… you’ll need to recruit about 100 people into your network before you  can make any real money.

Why 100? Because invariably 80 of them will be lazy and do nothing with the product or the opportunity. However—20 of those 100 people will hustle. They will build you a down-line of some 10,0000 names. And generally speaking, you’ll make about $1 a name every month… off the entire list of your network of 10,000. That’s $10,000 a month for just recruiting 100 people. Those 100 will lead to 10,000.

Don’t let the idea of recruiting 100 people scare you. Remember at the beginning of this article I said that all businesses must market? Well… most business need far more than 100 customers/recruits to be profitable.

An average sized plumbing business will need maybe 5 customers a day. A shoe store needs 100 customers a week. A hot dog stand needs 50 customers a day. But YOU—YOU—YOU— need just 100 customers total—generally speaking to make a passive, residual income of about $10,000 a month.

The plumber, the shoe store, the hot dog stand can’t expect passive, residual income. They have to be out there working their butts off every day. The network marketer will work his butt off, but not every day… and especially not after getting enough customers to give him/her the passive income he/she wants.

Remember—You’re a name collector… you live to gather names and market to them.

Remember –You’re a marketer – first and foremost. Don’t be too in love with your product. Be more in love with your market. Identify with them. Do what they do. Feel the things they feel. Know where your market is now… and where they will be next month, next year.

Let’s talk more about this later.

Yours for success in every business, especially network marketing.



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