MLM Recruiting: The Secret Of Getting Sign Up

MLM Recruiting Secrets In Building Your Downline

by jeng cua

secret of MLM recruiting is in the communication

Nothing else matters in business if you cannot convert your leads into sales.
This means that for you to succeed, you must master the skills of good sales and marketing.  This is not all about pitching your product to anybody.
Now, don’t let that scare you – these are skills that can be learned while you earn.
Here’s what you need to know:
First, MLM Recruiting it’s not all about the product.  It’s about how YOU communicate the product to people so you can start building the like, know and trust.  People do not buy from the person that they do not know and trust.
Keep in mind that your prospects number 1 question is – what’s in it for me.  Can they really make money from this?  Can they really benefit from the product?  Why do I need to buy this or join you?
MLM Recruiting: The Secret of Getting Sign Up
Answer this, and answer it well, and you have a winner! You’ll begin to get more sign ups and interest from people than you know what to do with. (Sounds like a good prooblem to have, eh?)
Even if you have the best product in the world or best compensation plan,  if you do not understand the key secret in MLM recruiting, it is hard to make money in MLM or Network Marketing business if you do not have an army of downlines.

The Simple Rejection Free Strategy In MLM Recruiting

How about you?
You may be asking – “How do you get people to buy?”
The answer is simple – by giving them stuff they want! give them what they are looking for. Period!  It’s creating a situation where people buy on their own – without you forcing them, or over hyping, or flexing their muscle to buy from you.
MLM Recruiting: The Secret of Getting Sign Up
It starts with asking good questions – getting to know your prospect and what he or she is really looking for.  Your prospect doesn’t care what you have to say – they care about what they need.
Just remember this – people buy for their own emotional reasons, not yours or not from anybody else!  You can create some inspirational or motivating factors for your prospect that can triggers their emotion.
People buy with emotion, and justify it with logic.


What is your prospect’s pain or problem?
What are they looking to solve or create more of; or less of in their life?
What can your product or opportunity solve for them?
Make sure you are developing good sincere relationships with people as you go along, especially if marketing online.  This is so Powerful!  Make sure you are believable!
Focus on truly getting to the heart of your prospect’s needs, wants and desires and you’ll begin to see many more sign ups come your way!
Forget about fancy cars, big houses and “stuff” that most people look at and say – yeah, right!  
Make sure to stand up and be stand out among the rest to make your clients want to get in touch with you or to keep on coming back to your blog site to hear more from you.
MLM Recruiting: The Secret of Getting Sign Up
Most MLM Recruiting  experts agree that it takes at least 5 attempts to reach your prospect. Realistically, I find that number can be closer to 9 .  I rarely ever give up in doing follow ups,  in fact I do my follow up every single day without lifting my phone.  That being said, I don’t call my prospects every single day.
Maybe you are wondering how I can do my follow up without lifting my phone?  It’s simple…  I just used my auto-responder system to do the follow up for me.  Once they voluntarily submit their email or contact details, wallah!!!! I can pre-scheduled my email follow up and by doing this it increases your likeability and trust. It helps make the prospect feel good about you and help you convert more sales and sign ups!
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To your One Step Up!

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