Improving Communication Skills Will Improve Your Business

Improving communication skills I’m sure is something we could all benefit from…and surely some more than others.

Myself for example.

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I’m always on the lookout for good training material and I wanted to share a few nuggets with you that I came across online earlier today, regarding improving communication skills. This really caught my attention because it’s an area I need all the help I can get. I do fine writing and ok on the phone, but in a more personal one on one scenario, or live video, I have some real challenges. The thoughts are there…just stuck – and I have trouble getting them unstuck unless I’m writing or pounding on a keyboard.

Can anyone else relate to this? If called upon to share those “stuck” thoughts improv…well lets just say super glue has nothing on me. So when I saw the material…improving communication skills… believe me I was all ears.

#1) I need to learn and understand my audience. Who are they, why are they there, and what are they looking for. What is it they are wanting to hear from me. How can I help them. Is there a solution I can provide? How can I best connect with them and give them what they need or want to hear. I kept hearing how critical it was to connect with that audience. For example if they want to know or hear about how to get more sales or customers, I cannot be talking about perfect timing, or how great the opportunity or compensation plan is.

We must also learn to communicate in a way that will attract people to us. Talking about positive experiences, testimonials, quotes, or something inspirational is something a lot of people can relate to, and will be attracted to. Not just a bunch of hype, and “here’s my link buy my stuff.” That’s a sure way to turn someone off if they don’t know you well yet. Can some of you relate with this?… the person you just met who say’s “hey thanks for connecting my name’s so-and-so, here’s my link buy my stuff.” I mean really is that a turn-off or what.

Improving Communication 3 JPEG#2) Practice. Nothing takes the place of practice. This is really for me when it comes to one on one type of communicating. I’m just horrible. So we work on it…repitition right. Practice that opener line, that presentation, that 30 second elevator speech. Practice introducing ourselves and merging into where you want to go. Practice being comfortable doing it, and making the other person or people comfortable as well. Be impressionable, sincere, and pleasant. And know your stuff.

That doesn’t necessarily mean being an expert on the topic…. but it does mean knowing how to answer questions and how to direct people to the information they need. If you don’t know the answers, but you do know how to direct people to the answers, that’s good enough for now. And learn how to invite.. Know when, where, and how, the events are, so you can invite your new friends.

So number one understand your audience, and number two…practice.

Now its your turn –  How are you improving your communication skills?


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