Human rights – The Modern challenge

Lets talk about the modern challenges of human rights!

So, Where do we start?

the challenges and questions about Human rights today

As I mentioned in my introduction, there are communities, religious groups, ethnic minorities and indeed whole nations who are strangers or oppressed in their own land. Many other peoples retain their homes in their own lands but when it comes to human rights, they have no say in how they wish to manage or sustain their way of life or even how their natural resources are managed or sold.

I have said here that I am a resident of Britain and that I share in the good and the bad that my forefathers chose to take to or to develop within foreign lands. Britain is just one of history’s bigger invaders. Many European nations carved empires out of every corner of the earth. Holland, Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Greece, Turkey, need I go on? The USA, China, Japan and many more nations have built their own empires in the world and even where no invasion or threats were involved, the influence of a greater power has changed the receiver’s homes and lifestyles in ways that the residents never envisaged.

Remember, not all of these changes have been negative or resisted and in some cases the population accepts that things are better for them.

Throughout our joint histories we should be used to imposed change. Empires like the Persian, Roman, Greek, Ottoman and early Chinese examples didn’t always need to walk or fight their way in. The very fact that their goods were bought from or passed through, their countries was enough to change the way of life for many near or far nations.

Bloodshed is never acceptable except in the cause of defending yourself and in some people’s hearts never acceptable. Revenge is, along with greed or fear, a major force in civil and international wars and is one of the most regretful of all reasons for instigating civil unrest. Memories are passed on from generation to generation and, like Chinese whispers, changes, deepens and distorts. There are wars in the world today which are based upon really misunderstood reasons and happenings about events which never really happened at all in the ways that are now believed.

One of hardest things to understand is that a way of life that once was simple, tough and full of spiritual peace is unlikely to ever return because the very place in which the way of life took place has changed beyond return.

Let us take an example, one which, known worldwide through stories and films forms part of the history of one of the world’s greatest nations. The Native North American Indian. A proud nation of people who had their own stories of conquest, of spiritual connection to their lands, of their own feuds or pacts but largely a simple living reliant upon good husbandry and understanding of their local climate and soil.

My aim here is to avoid discussing the past. We can’t ignore the facts or believed facts of human rights for people but, we can try to find out what these and others like them, want now. I do not expect to get the same answers from all of the people.

Do Native North American Indian’s want a full return to former lives upon the plains? Could they maintain their way of life alongside modern living. Would they be able to reject mobile phones and TV, processed foods and Coca Cola, modern education and clothes?

Tell me what you think!



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