Human Rights: Can we learn to be realistic? (or) It might be right but it aint gonna happen

Human Rights –  I aim to search for that illusive compromise.

hoping for compromise in Human rights

I hope to get close to a real and workable solution and not the wishy, washy, liberal, fence-sitting position that those who seek compromise seem to get labelled with.
In world-terms the island which I call home is a tiny speck in the world’s oceans. A speck, which, due to it’s position in terms of climate and geography is fortunate.
Islands, by their very nature produce sailors and explorers. My tiny group of islands is known collectively as The British Isles and my part of that is England (the larger part geographically). Our contribution to maritime and exploratory history is immense but not always glorious.
It cannot be denied that Britain’s contribution to civilized democracy is huge but the ugly debris of the trip still persists. You cannot press your own moral and community systems onto another nation without changing the lifestyle that previously existed.
Progress, civilization or modernization, whatever you wish to call it, creates its own needs. As life expectancy and improved health increases, population grows which increases the pressures to find ever more resources.
Britain was an island of small tribes, clans and communities, frequently invaded and influenced for centuries. Like most civilizations comprising small units, war was a common way of life. Greed, need and cultivation are powerful factors in holding a community together or splitting it apart by war with those who wish to steal your prizes.
Wherever you live on this planet, it is pretty certain that your nation will have experienced these squabbles and wars and possible invasion or the imposition of a foreign rule.
So, what are the things that I allude to in my blog title?

A world community where people could become- not strangers but friends?
Throughout the world there are communities or huge populations that are strangers in their own country. Maybe the land that they consider to be theirs was invaded and settled by a very different culture and maybe, in the mists of time, they had done the same to others. The only thing that is true is that we are joint owners of our planet in human value terms. The rest is just history.
Two well-known groups of people who find themselves in a position of trying to claim their right to their stolen country are Native Americans and Aboriginal people in Australia. They are, far from being in the minority in world population terms. Every continent has its claimants. The problem is that, despite their rightful and moral claim to what is theirs, the chance of them regaining everything stolen from them is zero. This is why groups traditionally have resorted to violence. The sad fact is that even if these groups regained their land the influence of their invaders will be too deep to be ignored.

The world is becoming largely multi-racial but deep in the soul of many is their former identity. It is a long time ago that my roots have claim back to Ireland and possibly Scotland despite my having been raised in England, however, I feel an affinity to my Irish past.

Human rights means giving back an identity to people

We need to find a way of giving people an identity which is acceptable to invader and oppressed alike and demanding all of your land back in an advanced nation aint gonna be acceptable. If we can agree that fact, then we have a chance of finding a solution.
I hope too that we can encompass the pressure that Human Rights, such as universal education, have upon community groups around the world.




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