MLM Business: Your 2014 New Year’s Challenge To Grow Your Business

New Year’s Challenge:  Are You Ready To Rock This 2014?

by jeng cua

Most people take a long week to relax and enjoy during Christmas break, but if you are the person who wants to shape up & boost up your MLM business, I am pretty sure that you are already thinking ahead to 2014!
Just want to hear from you….how’s your 2013 year went? You may just leave me a comment below.
Are you preparing to make your 2014 the best year of your life?
For sure that you already know the benefits of proper goal setting, instead of just having the typical New Year’s Resolutions.  Have you ever write down your goals?  This is the best time of the year to have your New Year’s goal written down.
People set goals all the time, but most of them never end up getting what they want from -where you are to where you want to be.

2014 New Year’s Challenge:  MLM Business Good Head Start

The New Year is upon us,  people are striving toward becoming a better version of themselves in 2014 or these resolutions typically cover all manner of bringing your business to the next level up.  Small business owners are not immune to setting resolutions for their business ventures in the coming year.  However, actually following through on New Year’s resolutions can be a challenging task,  as well as determining what resolution to come up with in the first place.
MLM Business:  Your 2014 New Year's  Challenge To Grow Your Business
When I started my MLM business,  I do not want to push my product and opportunity to anyone.  I didn’t know how to open a conversation with a prospect and I was clueless about the power of the internet on how to get  them interested in my business opportunity.
Now, I want you to be honest with yourself.  If you will look back at 2013.  Look at all the mistakes you made, or when things didn’t turn out the way you wanted.
Your “2014 New Year’s Challenge” is to determine what skill that you need to improve?
So, what is it and make sure to work head on in improving this skill.

MLM Business New Year’s Challenge:  How Can You Improve Your Skill?

This is a common fact that after people graduated from university they never incorporate another learning program in their lives.
MLM Business:  Your 2014 New Year's  Challenge To Grow Your Business
It doesn’t need to be official or to go back to school again and pay hefty fees, but you need to keep learning even from the comfort of your own home.
So, if you have one skill that you need to improve or develop, what is your self-development plan to improve on that skill?
When I realized that I am not a type of person who does not want to pitch my product or opportunity to anybody in person or run after my prospect in the mall or coffee shop which made me frustrated in my 6-8 months in MLM business, then I went to the internet and search around on how I can solve this challenges.  I made it a goal to improve my business by attracting people online without me running after them.  I want my prospect to come to me instead of me chasing them.
My first discover was “attraction marketing” and until today, I am still applying this marketing strategy to my MLM business , since it got me started on my journey to success.  Your 2014 New Year’s Challenge can be a challenging task, but you need to build an emotional attachment to your goal to inspire you as well as motivates you.
One of the biggest factors in the successful completion of your 2014 New Year’s resolution is in challenging and engaging yourself consistently to have a dramatic impact or a long-lasting effect on yourself or to help you grow your long term business.
You should create a powerful adrenaline rush to cross the finish line at a marathon of success!
Knowing What You Want Clearly Will Give You Results!
I guarantee you will see results if you stick to your game plan for over 30-90 days.
You must be consistent, be patient and give it time.  Set your DMO (Daily Mode Of Operation).
If you don’t know how to make a good income producing activities DMO, check this
DMO productivity secrets that can be helpful to you.
When I started my game plan, I didn’t get results right away, and I was tempted to give up.
However, I kept going, and then magically, I started to see results in less than one month into my daily routine.
Trust me. Give it 30-90 days, and you will see amazing changes in whatever goal you set for your 2014 New Year’s Challenge To Grow Your Business!
Don’t be like the rest of the people out there who wait for the last minute to come up with some random goals.
<<< I hope that you get value from this. And if so, please share this post to others so they can as well benefit from this, and leave your feedback right below!
To your One Step Up To Success!
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