It’s time to get serious – with Attraction Marketing

Bringing in a new year with Attraction Marketing.

by Brett Gurney
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It’s time to get serious… get a head start on the new year and start making some things happen.
If you are anything like the rest of us you may have said this yourself a time or two. Of course we are always looking to better ourselves, and this time of year is a time of reflection anyway….so it only goes to say that we want to come through and into the new year with a fresh suit on, or a new pair of shoes, along with a brand new attitude and fortitude – “this is it I’m done playin around let’s do this thing!” Sounds familiar right.
Here at Brett we like to post about various things… lifestyle is one…how we enable ourselves to have that lifestyle is another. We are network marketers at heart… it’s our passion and it’s how we pay the bills. And it’s something we talk about frequently. Most of our contacts and friends are network marketers as well….we know this is a large percentage of our audience, so we hope we can deliver the goods.
Our industry has changed a lot the last few years… it’s ferociously competitive now…everyone has a multitude of choices for companies, products, sponsors, teams, and systems. It has become imperative, in order to be successful, you must differentiate…to set yourself apart from the crowd, or you will for sure get lost in the crowd.
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Knowing how to do that is a challenge in itself. Not only has the scenery changed over the years, with what used to be wide open space now becoming elbow to elbow standing room only, but so has the way things are done on the internet…. what works and what doesn’t. Attracting others to what you are offering is the bottom line – am I right? We absolutely MUST give people a REASON to want to partner up with us, as opposed to the all the others that are also battling for every person’s attention.
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Those who have mastered this “attraction marketing” concept are doing extremely well…but it’s an acquired skill set. Fortunately there is specific training available. We knew this and we knew that not only were we prime subjects, but that we knew hundreds of others who were prime subjects for this kind of training as well. We mentioned there was training available…too much in fact. It was going to be a process finding that perfect person or system for us… the one that fit our needs, and our feel good zone. After all that was most important to us..we will not offer, recommend, suggest, or endorse anything that we do not feel good about.
I’m happy to say that after months of searching, studying, reading, watching, observing, and talking to many coaches and trainers, and their systems….we have found that perfect match, and we will be telling you all about it. In fact we are going to log and narrate to you our entire journey, and share with you what we are learning, as we learn it, so you can see for yourselves the effectiveness of the coaching, training, and system, or not.
But since this is a blog post and not a book….that is another day…so stay tuned!


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