Network Marketing: Success Comes By Helping Others

This Is A Fact – Success Comes By Helping Others

by jeng cua

Most people want to be successful in life and I’m certain you do too right?
But, why is it many fail to realize the simple and surest formula for becoming successful?
I’am sure…most successful home business owners or network marketers will agree on one thing…
Network Marketing:  Success Comes By Helping Others
“To reach true success, you need to help others to become successful.”
There you have it, the basic principles to success – Success Comes By Helping Others To Succeed!
To many this seems a little strange.  Conventional or in a traditional business thought would have you think that to reach your financial goals, one must work on activities that benefit yourself.  That you should only focus on your own needs and the activities that directly affect your pocket!
I guess this kind of thinking originates from the corporate world huhhh???

Network Marketing Success Comes By Helping Others To Succeed

If you observe and stop for a moment and think about what most successful people have in common you’ll notice one specific trait they all have; that’s adding value to the market place by sharing their success philosophies with others.
Network Marketing:  Success Comes By Helping Others
You see in the land of “Cubicles”, you rarely see the case where helping your co-workers benefits you.  In fact it’s the usually the opposite.   In that type of competitive environment where everyone is stepping over each other for promotions, competing for raises and generally hoping their co-workers might actually fail so opportunities will open up for them.
Many home based business are completely different.  In the case of a networking business success comes by helping others.   If you understand the “law of attraction” principles I’am sure that you will agree with me on this.  By giving away to others what one desires themselves, enables effortless success to the one who bestows.
Let me put it another way…
I’am pretty sure that you would love to make a six figure plus a year income.   That comes to at least $10,000 a month.  In order to make 10K a month you need to help 4 or 5 people make at least $2,000 a month.  Is this make sense to you?  See how that works?  In many cases you take the number of people and times it by the amount they are making…
Kind of cool right?

Success Comes By Helping Others:  Give Away Your Own Talents And Skills!

Do you have anything knowledgeable to share?
Network Marketing:  Success Comes By Helping Others
Are you talented in writing?  or creative with blogging online? or maybe you are good in projecting yourself in front of the camera.  Is networking online, marketing online and promoting online a skill-set you possess?  Share it with others.  Become an expert in your field and be a mentor, the more you share the more you’ll certainly receive.
Are you good in cooking or photography?  or are you an expert in losing weight? Are you good in repairing computers or damaged sink…. There is no limit in doing this.

Here’s  Few Specific Things To Do To Have Success By Helping Others:

1. Let Them Do It 
No matter how hard you try, you won’t ever be able to make people to take action.   You won’t be able to do it for them so don’t even try and waste your time. Don’t try to force people or do work for them…it will never happen.  This is their OWN CHOICE!
2.  Don’t Motivate People, instead Inspire Them
Motivation comes from within…Many people think that you can say or do things that will get someone up to go and work- to do this and do that.  This is just not the case.  You might be able to motivate someone with words for a temporary season but it usually doesn’t last.
One must first be inspired,  to lite the spark that will become a flame.  Work on Inspiring people and helping them realize their true potential.  Inspire people first and then get them into action.  Action will bring success and will cause motivation which will then cause more action.  Just remember that is all starts with inspiration.
3. Lead By Example
If you want to help people you must be a leader.  If you want to be a leader you must do what you ask others to do.  Be a do-er!  You have to lead by example in order to help people.  Don’t ever ask people to do something that you are not willing to do yourself.  Only when you lead by example will you be able to empower people to change.  Otherwise it’s all smoke and mirrors.
4. Forget About What You Want
When you stop thinking about what you want (of course everyone wants to make money fast!) and instead focus on the needs of others…. something magical happens…believe me on this! You  will end up getting what you want in your life and in your business.   This can be hard and won’t happen over night.  One of the ways to really do this is visualize.  Write down the specific people are you are going to help and ask them what their dreams and goals are.  Then focus on the right leadership and activities to help them get there.
Once you understand these principles and put them in to practice, you will see your magical path to your success.  It may be hard to see now, but over time you will make a huge impact on the lives of others and a byproduct of doing this will help you to become more successful.
…and follow the simple steps.  It’s working for me and thousands of others out there online.
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To your One Step Up To Success!
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