The Network Marketing Opportunity: Does It Work For Many People?

Network Marketing Opportunity –  Does It Work For You?

by jeng cua

Before jumping into a network marketing opportunity, you are probably asking yourself, “Does Network Marketing Business work for many people?”
That’s a good question to ask before wetting your toes to any network marketing opportunity.  In this post, I will answer it truthfully for you.  Just be prepared to hear what is really lies behind any network marketing opportunity.
It’s an undisputed fact that most people about 95% who try to engaged with this business model will fail completely. Yikes, that is a high rate of network marketing opportunity failure.  Not everyone can be a success at  MLM business.
Why would you want to get involved in something like that?

What It Takes For A Network Marketing Opportunity To Work?

As you know, most people when they hear this word “network marketing” or “multi level marketing” negative thoughts will cover their mind. Are you one of those?
Much of the information I read talks about MLM scams or unethical business practices that account for the high failure rate of people in network marketing.
Network Marketing Opportunity: Does it work for many people?
That is simply not true. Why don’t you ask yourself… Do people do the work that is required to be successful inNetwork marketing opportunity ; MLM or any business?
I think this is the right question to anyone who wants to succeed in life or in any business.
Network marketing is a legitimate business model many decades ago.  In fact, MLM produces more millionaires globally than any other profession.
From my experience in my MLM/Network marketing business, here are my thoughts that I want to share it with you.  You can agree or disagree, I welcome your comments.

Few Reasons Why Network Marketing Opportunity Did Not Work To Many

1)  You join very excited having a great sales pitch and the ability to close a deal to convince anyone to buy the product or to sign up recruits in their down line. After 3 months, I never hear from them again.  Why? They got frustrated about membership cancellations or they got tired of signing up tons of people that never do anything and got tired working tons of hours and not seeing retirement in the near future.
Network Marketing Opportunity: Does it work for many people?
2.) You join a network marketing business with high hopes – to make money fast! You see your sponsor or your friend who has a lot of success in the MLM business.  Now, you started to treat people with dollar sign on their forehead.
If you want to be average and keep your life exactly the way it is now,  just keep doing what you are doing, but If you want to live the life you always dreamed of, it takes hard work, effort, time and consistency and  that is above average.  You also need to take into consideration to bring your business to the next level up with automation and go global! So you can recruit your targeted prospect even when you are sleeping!
3.) You join without setting your Goal.  There is a saying that “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Which one do you prefer? To live an average life or an extraordinary one? The sad reality is that nearly 99% of people are unwilling to set their goal in order to succeed with network marketing business.
If you want to live an extraordinary life and live the life that you deserve, you need to learn on how to set up your goal.  What is really your target in life?  You need to work hard and aim your focus to reach this target.  Give yourself something to strive toward, and a reason to reward yourself when you’ve reached this goal.
You need to remember this…
Success will not come overnight; it takes time to build your business.  But if you are determine to reach your goal and be persistent and consistent, you will make it –  it’s just a matter of time.
Once you understand these reasons why most people fail in their network marketing business opportunity , you will see your magical path to your success.
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