Make a bucket list instead of a New years resolution

I would rather create a Bucket list rather than making a New years resolution!

For many people New Year resolutions is a tradition that is so entrenched into their lives that to not have a New years resolution is looked at with disbelief and alarm, for the simple reason that these resolutions are a road map for up coming year and of course who wants to say that they don’t have a goal of some kind?

Janus was the reason for January 1st being the new year

January is named for Janus, the Roman two-faced god. One looks forward, to the new year. The other, back to the year past.

By the way if you want to blame someone for the tradition of having January 1st for being the new year and having resolutions  you can blame blame the Babylonians and Julius Caesar for the date of the New Year (January 1st) and for even having New Year resolutions. About 4,00 years ago,the Babylonians had their News years on March 25th and they came up with the great idea of having resolutions to get their gods to give favor. It was considered bad luck to break a resolution so everyone was very careful in determining their New Years resolution. Julius Caesar decided on the random date of January 1st should be the beginning of a New year to honor the god Janus, who was a two-faced god who looked backwards into the old year and forward into the New Year

Go figure!

The Fact of life is New Year resolutions are a part of our lives and every year we resolutely swear to do many things just to have them fizzle and pop into thin air.

I decided that as New Year resolutions are (for me) a lost cause ( I wonder if it’s because we tend to make resolutions based on our weaknesses and our negatives), that I would look at creating a bucket list based on goals that would be more positive and fun? What a concept! Now for those of you who do not know what a bucket list is, then I suggest you read  Wiki Answers to get the low down of this popular expression.

I love the idea of creating a list that will give my life more meaning such as

1. Swimming with a dolphin

2  Go on a cruise with my daughters where we can just enjoy each others company

3. Go to Finland and enjoy being in a real sauna again

4. Have a meetup with  the great people I have met online and have a party

5. Learn more about being online and share it with others

6. Help another person learn how to blog and see the awesomeness of blogging

7. Get my health back and feel good about myself

..and the list goes on

Like anything in life some of these goals or dreams can seem impossible and hard to reach and there are times when I know for myself, I can get disheartened and feel down, but then I read what others say and I read some of my favorite quotes it never fails but I get back into a balance that gets me moving in that forward direction again.

I have an extensive list of quotes that have helped me over the years and decided that this would be a great time to put some of them into the public eye with the hope that they would help others with their goals or when they feel down or disheartened.

I hope that my bucket list of quotes will help to inspire you and maybe take a break from the New Years resolution and start creating a bucket list instead.

Happy New year everyone!



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