Internet Marketing: Do You Believe In Getting Rich Overnight?

Getting Rich: The Truth About Financial Freedom

by jeng cua

Do you believe in what you hear?
Is there really an overnight success?
When you heard about someone else’s fast success what’s running behind your mind?
It’s really important that you know what financial freedom actually looks like for you and know your reason why you wanting it.   Is this really getting rich overnight?  
Obviously, when you hear things like “getting rich overnight” , it can leave the rest of us feeling like failures until you really  know the truth that there is NO such thing an overnight success.
Getting Rich Is Knowing First Your Powerful WHY + WHAT?
Once you know your WHY & WHAT,  you will be much more motivated and inspired to stay on track in what you do in achieving your financial freedom.
Internet Marketing: Do You Believe In Getting Rich Overnight?
Here’s my 3 Powerful WHY for my financial freedom:
1.)   I love that I get my own time doing the things that I want.  I love that I will be always around every time my daughters need me .  I love that my husband is home with us all the time.  And I love that we always get to spend the majority of our time together and do the things that we love at anytime we want.  This is my dream lifestyle.
2.)  I want to make sure my family is able to live the lifestyle that we deserve, my daughter can go to her dream school  in college and we can travel anywhere in the world in first class seat and would always love to stay in luxury hotel.  I want to make sure we have a really good investments and retirement plans to set us up financially secure for the rest of our lives.
3.)  I want to empower others to channel the positive mindset to get the result that they want for their business and in life.  I do not just teach – I am a doer. . . I practice what I preaches!  I want to create an avenue to bring the money energy to those without it and need it.  Making a difference to someones life is one of the reasons for me to fulfill my own destiny.

Small Things Matter In Getting Rich!  

Anything that promises over-night riches or success is just not true.  There is a saying of  ”Too Good To Be True”, working on passive income or making a great income online IS VERY POSSIBLE.  However the riches and success don’t come over night. But you can get rich online if you really want it.  That is a fact!
Internet Marketing: Do You Believe In Getting Rich Overnight?
If you realized there is something better out there and see the power and potential of the Internet, making a great passive residual income is very common on the Internet.  When I quit my job and decided to  work from home, I focused my time doing small things consistently every day in my internet marketing home business.  This is not getting rich overnight, but here’s what pretty cool to know…
Because of the power of technology you will be amazed how efficient the Internet has to reach.  This truly is a global business. You can automate your business online!
Here’s 3 tips to help you on the right path in wetting your toes in internet marketing:

Look For A Sticky Product:
The best products will be consumable, subscription or membership based so that customers order and need it each and every month.  The products need to be high quality and reputable and you yourself are using it.  The product you promote needs to be something that people will purchase even if there was not an opportunity behind it.
Beware Of Hyped Claims and Promises:
Go with your gut feeling.  You can easily spot a lot of shinny objects out in the internet.   Giving you promises of easy money or get rich overnight.   There are few regular people have been able to make great incomes online in a short period of time. But, mind you that they put hard effort in promoting their own product or affiliate products, spend money to do the marketing and they already have a huge mailing list.  You will know when something is real when it involves actually work and dedication.
Find A Marketing System That Easy To  Follow and Implement:
One of the biggest concerns you may have about your internet business is, “What will I be doing on a daily basis?”  or “How to get started?”
Having a powerful but simple system is critical for an online business to work for you or anyone.  You need to be able to do something that is simple yet effective.  Also if you expect others to do the same thing it needs to be what we call duplicatable.   A simple rule is this… “If a grandma or 6th grader can do it…then it’s simple enough to duplicate.”
Following the above 3 tips will help you find the opportunities that are real and will help you make the right decision on if it’s the right fit for you.
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