The Holistic health approach is a better healthy choice!

I am now using  the holistic health approach to start having a better life!

Ken and Elaine Wolff

Please allow me to introduce myself…

 For those who don’t know me my name is  Ken Wolff  and standing with me as you can see in the image above,  is my lovely wife Elaine who is in every way my partner in life.  For years we have been on a mission that we believe in and this to help others  have a healthier and more prosperous life. I have always been what I considered a healthy person, always active in my younger year  and when I retired at the young age of age 65 I retired from from YRC Corporation with 28 years as a very active Driver Sales Rep.  I had also been very active in outdoor sports and passionate about helping the skiing public have a safe and enjoyable experience on the ski slopes as a member of the National Ski Patrol.

how not to do holistic health

Do as I say, not as I did!

For years I have been telling people how to be healthy and how to improve your health and I have been doing a very good job at it!   Well let me tell you, do as I say not as I did! I have to be honest retiring was a life changing event.  I really was not looking forward to it because I enjoyed my work very much.  After I retired though I found that I was so busy, I don’t know how I ever had time to work at my “day job”! In  1972 I discovered Shaklee and became an independent distributor.   I do not sell products though.  I have a large downline in many online marketing programs.  My wife and I both help others to be more successful in the things they are interested in.  The biggest change had to do with my level of activity.  I was sitting down in front of the computer day after day, hour after hour.  Good for others because I have helped thousand of online entrepreneurs to have more success at what they were doing.  Not good for me though.
time to starting living with holistic health strategies!
My Life Changed!
 Somewhere along the way to better health I got off track and ended up in the cardiac unit of a community hospital.  Having the best health that you can have is not just eating the recommended foods from the food guide pyramid.  There is a holistic health approach that includes smart food selection, supplementing your diet with quality vitamins and herbs and great tasting smoothees,  exercise, and sleep.

holistic health mean eating properly
Speaking about being active we, we had the privilege of hearing Celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak at a recent Regional Conference and I wanted to share a short experience when we went to see this great man talking, we  were giving Harley a standing ovation as he took the stage and after a period  we all  started to sit down when  he said. “no, don’t do that – stand up please.”  He then began his presentation telling us about the obesity epidemic in America and around the World and how to personally make a difference in your own life.  Much of it had to do with too much of the couch potato mentality that many of us have become accustom to.  Whether we are sitting in front of a TV or a Computer the results are the same, it’s  not good for your health.  Is it any wonder why so many people die within 5 years after retirement?


What else can you do to live a holistic healthy life?
What else can you do to have a longer and more prosperous life?  I will be honest with you.  I am not an expert on this issue, but I have close friends and associates that are.  If I can’t answer your questions, I know who can.  In fact, I found a resource that I am very happy to share with you on Facebook:  Health Tips From The Professor. Check it out!  It is an interactive site where you can make comments, ask questions, suggest edits and give your own testimonials.

Great source for Health Tips

Two tips that I would recommend for a  holistic health approach to better health…..
Holistic health tip –Drink lots of water

My dad used to start every day by drinking two warm glasses of water every day?  He was also taking a lot of nutritional supplements and was doing great at age 91.  He went into a long term care facility and thought that they were taking such good care of him that he stopped taking care of himself.  He started drinking coffee which he had done very little of all of his life.   He died young at age 92 of dehydration.  I told my kids and I am saying it here and now, don’t ever put me in one of those places.  I will take care of myself thank you.  Well I do need to get in some good habits, and break some bad ones if I want to improve my health. 


Holistic health tip – Get lots of Sleep

Did you know the we are and have become a sleep-deprived global people? I know that for myself, the more I wanted to help people and to keep up with everything I was doing online and offline, I really was not getting enough sleep. Take for example just one thing I love to do,  helping people with the Programs for loyalty bonuses forum that I created  on Adlandpro where people get rewarded for logging in everyday and getting their affiliate programs “paid forward” Many marketing and affiliate marketing strategies have you doing repetitive work, often times doing the same thing in the same way every day and you end up not realizing the time.  In my case I would get started on something and before I knew it, hours had passed and then when I went to bed, my mind would be so excited and thinking about everything happening, that I would not get the proper sleep!  That has all changed! I now have a new goal in my life and I am  recommending  it for everyone –  get 8 hours of quality sleep every night. 

The Bottom Line
If you want to have the best possible health that you can possibly have, you need to have a balanced approach to your life which includes at least four things every day.   They are not listed in order because they are all equally important.  Get lots of sleep!  Exercise moderately every day.  Walking may be better for you than running hard.  That is for sure if you are up there in age.  Eat good quality food, most likely not found in fast food restaurants.  I remember to this day how upset my high school football coach was when he saw me walking down the street eating one of those caramel covered maple bars from Dunkin Donuts…LOL. Last but not least is to supplement your diet with highest quality nutritional supplements on the market.  If you want to know more about that, just ask me!

Holistic health is  not difficult, but sure is a change, what tips or strategies are you using to achieve your life goal?



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