Copying and pasting content onto your WordPress blog – safely!

Copying and Pasting your content into a WordPress blog is one of the blogging basics that we need to have a chat about as I am seeing many people having issues.

copying and pasting text onto a blog post needs to be done safely

Many folks have other blogs or have written an article or blog post elsewhere and feel comfortable in copying and pasting their work onto the blogging community blog to get their work seen by different people. Other folks like writing their drafts on Word or a similar style program and then they are  copying and pasting onto the blog editor and they feel that everything is just fine!


Take a look at what you have copied and pasted and then look at the original text…does it look the same? Chances are you will see differences- such as the spacing is all wrong or the font is different or you might see extra words that you know you didn’t write.

This is called a formatting problem and it is caused by extra code being carried onto the blog post and it can create havoc!

Why should this bother you?

With all that extra coding that you don’t need or having coding so screwed up a couple of things can happen:

1. The search engines cant read your text


2. The coding is so bad, it could break your post and if you are not careful it could break your blog. I know this for a fact as some years ago, I had a person copy and paste from word and we had to redo his whole blog!

So how do you copy and paste content onto your blog safely?

While I would love to say always write your posts in your blog dashboard, I know that is not always possible especially if you are copying from another post,article or word editor so…

Copying and Pasting Solution One

Remove any extra code by using a plain text editor

NotePad – PC (Programs -> Accessories)
TextEdit –> Macs

Write or copy your posts onto a plain text editor and then paste into the blog post. This will strip out all the code and will prevent formatting issues. You will have to add in the extra formatting, images or  links that you had on your other posts or articles, so be aware.

Copying and Pasting Solution  Two

On the WYSIWYG editor (What You See is What You Get) you will see rows of icons. On the top row of the Blogging community content editor you will see two icons that will look like this

Two important icons to help with copying and pasting content onto your blog

The first icon is  “T” Paste as Plain Text and the second icon “W” is Paste from Word, use these buttons to copy and paste onto your blog post. To learn more about these icons, you can visit Microsoft Word and WordPress support.
Copying and Pasting Solution Three

Behind every blog post is HTML, many people who are copying one blog post onto another blog use HTML. Simply switch from visual to text and paste in your post as HTML, its not hard to do!  When you have finished, switch to visual and see how your content is looking.

One last piece of advise is to save your work in draft and then go to  preview  to see for yourself how everything is looking – if  you  need to  you can go back and fix your post before it is published.  I hope that you now understand why copying and pasting  directly onto your WordPress blog really is a bad idea! Please pass this on to others who might find this information useful.

Any Questions?

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