The World of a Child that Has Autism

Autism can be very scary and its time to speak out and help these kids before it’s too late!

standing up for children with autism

The World Of A Child That Has Autism

On any given day, a child’s life can go upside down. Children as a rule, are very curious individuals, always learning and not always knowing  how to express them selves properly as they are too young to understand what it takes to live in society the way we as adults have come to know. Can you imagine a child at age 5 or 6,  knowing how to survive in life by themselves?

A child is brought into existence to have the world smile, as a new generation is born. We look forward to the next generation of children, to grow up and make  the world, a little safer, and hopefully a little smarter. This is a tall order for our children to have, as a burden left to them at an early age of 5 or 6.  Now grant you, that we do not explain to our children what to expect at this age, but soon enough, our children will understand and realize, what will go on in life. It is a crying shame, that we put this burden on our children’s shoulders at an early age. A child should not have to think about any responsibility until they are old enough to cope with issues like this. Now imagine a child with Autism – The world of a 5 or 6 year old Autistic child,is so bizarre, that their memory or behavior is not the same as 5 or 6 year old “normal child” 

There are 3 levels of Autism. The first level is a mild strain of this disease, as it is a disease. Most Autistic children in this category can have a normal life, but show a sign of a mild strain. They do things that come naturally to them. They speak out in an order to show they want to communicate, but have a difficulty doing it.
The second strain of Autism, is a moderate strain, which in itself, reflects a more of a mood change being done more frequently, can not focus on reality as we know it. They do actions, at any time,without cause. Some of their actions under this strain, is a less functional way in life. Also some of their actions, are the flipping of their hands, go on a movable piece to spin, gets more irritable as an action, but the communication phase is less. When they want to get our attention as parents, they don’t speak in the same manner as a mild strain Autistic child. It is more difficult to express words, and more difficult to understand, how to have people understand the difficulty in understanding an Autistic child. Now the third strain of Autism, is a severe strain. Any situation that relates to change, will have them go off with anger, being emotional, crying, and more closed in. This strain has an Autistic child’s world so out of place, that they need more support and focus, as at any given moment, they can be in a rage, and not let anyone into their life. Their are other names of strains of Autism, like Asbergers condition, that is similar, but with medication, can have somewhat of a better understanding. It  amazes me about how these conditions are born into a child, and society is trying to come up with  reasons as to why  it occurs, but half the battle is still not being addressed.

The world needs scientists to go further with studies by checking with how cells react and chromosome level react to ability of acceptance, as one of the major points, in understanding what causes the disease. Everybody wants to blame each other, which doesn’t solve the problem. We all need to take action, before the strain gets even worse. Ten years a go, every  1 out of 100 came down with Autism. Today it is 1 out of every 6. It is getting to a point, that if this progresses, it will be so bad, that society will not know what to do.

The problem that I believe exists, is no one wants to come to forward to take the responsibility  and do the right thing to help our children in today’s society.  My fear is the it will keep going on and nothing will be done, and then you will have a society of Autistic people,who won’t be able to live on their own. Then the government will kick themselves in the pants for not doing anything when it was necessary .

I always have been an advocate of this disability,since my son has Autism,and my goal is to help people and parents. One of the most difficult problems for most people is finding the resources and supports so that they can network to find solutions that will help both the parents, caregivers and especially for the children.

 It’s time to get more proactive and write to the politicians and say “do you want a society of people that need support for the rest of their life?”  – “Are you going to take the responsibility and find solutions now?”

 I have a link for people who would like more  information and resources. It is for people that live in the state of Florida,but even though you might not live in Florida,you can still get information or assistance. It’s called Family cafe which serves as source of information for individuals with disabilities on an ongoing basis in a number of ways and here is the link if you are interested ->

Instead of keeping autism hidden, lets talk about ways and means to start really helping our children and helping ourselves.



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