5 Tips to balance work and home plus one more

Practical tips to balance work and home

tips to balance work and home

After doing a post on the Social Media blog about time management strategies, I had to deal with a bit of a crisis situation at home and when I had a chance to “breathe” I realized how life can throw  a curve ball at you which can throw the best laid plan out the window and along with them all your time management strategies!

Many people ( I am being kind lol..most people) think that the dream of working from home means freedom > more time->less stress

Are you laughing yet?

Just as you cant always get what you want in life, the same holds true to getting work done and for me learning how to balance work and life  has been a  learned experience based on trial and error. 

I don’t know about you but I am on of those people who tends to feel guilty when I don’t get things done, which can lead to stress. In the past I would let this get to me to such a point that I felt frozen and of course nothing got done!

Here are just some of my truisms (tips) to create a balance of work and home that have been working for me

1. You need to have priorities! Everyone is different and there is no one size fits all and at times something will have to give. There are going to have to be times when you may have to give up something, to get something else done.

2. Communication. Whether you are dealing with your home business, marketing, writing a blog post or dealing with family issues, unless you talk to people and explain why you can or cant do something, you  can inadvertently create a whole mess of problems. People are very supportive if they know what is going on.

3. Work smarter. There are many times when you can integrate work with home and I have known people who will listen to webinars as an example while driving to a school function and people who will carry paper and pens so they can write drafts or ideas of blog posts, marketing strategies and other work related tasks while waiting for appointments or at children’s lessons.

4. Build a good support network. Whether it be home or work, without a strong support network, those crisis situations at home or business deadlines can be a heavy burden to bear. There is nothing wrong with asking for help and using the reason that you don’t wnat to bother anyone, is a terrible excuse..don’t do it!

5. Stop being a martyr. I used to be a great martyr by the way! I walked around for a long time saying, “I’ve got so much to do” and “I don’t have time for anything.” The fact is that is a load of B.S! Being a martyr can almost become an addiction, it can affect your physical health, it will drain you emotionally and the stress levels just never get under control. If you are tempted to be a martyr then read the tips above to get your balance work and home.

The most important tip I can give and one that I hope you listen to is this – you are important! Protect your time of privacy and remember to give yourself a pat on the back! Let yourself just to be… have that warm bath or go for a walk, read a book or just do nothing. Without that time to rejuvenate yourself, you will burn out and then who will you be good for?
I truly hope that these tips to balance work and home will be of use to you. They are based on my own experiences and I am still figuring it all out. I would love to hear your ideas – how do you create balance at work and home and where are you finding it difficult..lets talk and help each other!


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