Attraction Marketing: How To Attract Customers To Keep Buying From You

Attraction Marketing: Want Your Customer To Keep Buying

From You Again & Again?

by jeng cua

I want you to answer these questions truthfully…
Are you a type of person who wants to receive or are you a type of person who loves to give more?
I can see your big smile huhhhh….
So, before you think of anything else are you familiar with this saying of “becoming the hunted and not the hunter”?
Generally, if you get involved in network marketing business or direct selling business, you need to have a good selling skills to sell your products or recruit people to join your opportunity.  This could mean hours of cold calling, hard work and effort in looking your right prospects or customers that will be suited for your business.  And more often you will end up frustrated, no sales and facing rejections!
If you’re a Network Marketer or have a Multi-Level Marketing business or home base business, Attraction Marketing is the simplest way to do it.

How To Do This Attraction Marketing & Why It Is Effective?

In Attraction marketing, there is no need for you to waste your time running after those  people who are not interested in your product or service, but instead your time should be focus to give value to your customer’s needs. You aren’t only thinking of their problems, but you will give solutions  and answering their problem questions before they even know you or choose to do business with you.
Attraction Marketing: How To Attract Customer To Keep Buying From You
Yes, that’s right. You will start attracting people towards you instead of them running away from you.  You need to stop forcing and pitching sales to your prospects. They are no longer interested in this and you are just building your big gap with your customers to avoid you.  Instead aim for those people who need you because these are the same people who will become your followers and who may become your future business partners.
The law of attraction is the name given to the belief that “like attracts like” or “people attracts people”.  We all use the Law of Attraction in our everyday lives, but most people do not realize it.  So they miss out on how to use it to attract positive energy  to create whatever they want and desire in their life and in their business.

Attraction Marketing Tips in Pre-Selling Your Prospects:

Attraction Marketing Tip #1: Your Prospect Need To Trust You First Attraction Marketing: How To Attract Customer To Keep Buying From You
It is pretty obvious that people only want to buy from those that they know, like and trust.
Give constant value with a purpose.   You must have the ability to share valuable information with others that can help them out.  Remember, that they are the one who are seeking for something,  so your duty is to provide them those informations that they are searching for and by doing this you will be attractive, like a magnet.

Attraction Marketing Tip #2:  Be Personal In Your Approach People relate to other people, not to your product, services or opportunities.   People wants to hear your story.  Unleash your attractive character by sharing your own stories – your difficulties, your failures, your success, what triggers you to do this and do that and so on…. the more you share your stories, the more they will  get attracted to you.
People want to get to know you, the person behind the business – the person that can HELP them.   Attraction Marketing – it’s about THEM, not you!

Attraction Marketing Tip #3: Be The Hunted Instead of the Hunter Most people hate being sold to especially if people know that you are doing a network marketing business.   We want to feel like making the purchase is OUR idea. That we are making the choice ourselves to buy or to join.  In Attraction marketing you need to lead with value and solutions, so that you earn the right to sell to your prospects.  Or, to put it more accurately, you’re allowing your MLM prospects to sell themselves on your offer.
PS:  These are the very strategies that took me from struggling networker to a home base business mom that attracts customer to keep buying from me without using my mouth to sell!
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