Which Type of Motivation Lasts — External or Internal?

We all experience many types of external motivation which looks nothing like a motivational pep talk. Actually, most of the motivation we receive is not obvious. We rely on friends, books, family, luck, achievements and social pressures to tell us what to do and to keep us doing it.

 One of our greatest daily motivators is the huge demand of daily living. This is what gets us up in the morning and propels us throughout the day. Most of us will admit that we feel we “have to,” “should,” “need to,” or are “supposed to” do most of what we do. Too much of that kind of motivation is called: stress. These external motivators are usually temporary. This motivation exists until the demands go away.

You can be your own motivator. You can take charge and put yourself into control. The definition of true motivation, the only kind that lasts and the only kind you can count on, is internal motivation.

Try to imagine having a coach who stayed with you, season after season and every day in between. Imagine not needing to wait for someone else to get you charged up and moving. Imagine being able to rely on yourself to always automatically and unconsciously energize your spirit, focus your attention and keep you in tune, on top, in touch and pushing towards your goals. Can you imagine never again needing someone else to prod or push you into activating your own best efforts?

Here’s your news flash: Your own internal coach is waiting to do just that. That coach is your best friend, your closest ally, your strongest believer. That coach will show you the best in yourself and help you achieve it. This same coach will give you direction, put purpose in your stride, strengthen your will and give you unquestionable belief. Most importantly, this coach is loyal to the end and never goes home.

You do not need to look far to find self-motivating resources. We are constantly being bombarded by truisms in social media that encourage us to maintain a good attitude, to look on the bright side, to stay positive and focused and to surround ourselves with like-minded people. We just need to feed on more positive input to retrain our thought patterns. It is never too late to change.

Your internal coach is your ultimate motivator who will never fail you – because it is you!



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