The Job Trap…….It Sucks

The Job trap?

You go to work diligently every day, put in your eight hours, come home and have just enough time to eat and sit in front of the boob tube for a few hours before you have to go to bed and wake up to do it all over again.
Do you ever wish you could go back and tell your younger self to choose a different path? One that does not require you work so much for such little reward and income?
You feel trapped by your job. Your only solace is, maybe if you really work hard enough, that maybe in a year’s time your boss will notice and give you more money. But even that is a long shot, because in this economy raises are few and far between. Those on my job who have gotten raises, don’t get much more than a few percent. Last year what raise did you receive, 3 percent? 5 percent? The fact that you probably would have to work more to get a raise, as well, as, whatever your income is 3-4% is eaten up by inflation.  You’re constantly working, making what appears to be good money, but if you stop there goes your active income. No wonder more and more people are not able to retire.
When you take into account that inflation eats up 3-4 percent of your income you can see you really aren’t earning very much more at all.
Not to mention you probably had to take on more work to get that raise.

The job trap!The job trap - it sucks!

This is why your current job sucks.  You may make good money, but you’re constantly working.  And if you stop working you lose that active income.  This is why it’s extremely difficult for most folks to retire.

Yes I do make saving deposits, but if I lose my active income, that bank balance just goes down each and every month.  My constant hope that I’ve saved enough money to last you for the rest of your life. Living in constant fear of outliving my money is not my idea of financial independence.

The job trap….

The Two ways to make more money and gain financial independence at your current job. 

1)      Get a higher hourly rate 

2)      Work more hours

 The least effective approach for achieving financial independence:

1.      No one wants to work more. We get just a few precious hours at the end of every day to relax and do what we want to do, instead of what we are told to do.

 2.      A higher salary rate yes, but inflation still seizes a higher chunk each year. 
 3.    Financial Independence is not relying on anyone or anything to pay ones bills each & every month.
 4.     This is a 1 to 1 ratio plan, meaning the hours you work determining the paycheck or money you earn. Inflation, job security is a constant threat to this plan. A smaller or missing paycheck, results in less or none money to save.
Financial independence is becoming free from enslavement or dependency to your job. It’s not working more hours to receive more money that get eaten up by inflation. It’s not making hard sacrifices of quality time with family or oneself. The question is “What is a better Plan”?
R.I.S.P:    The Recurring Income Streams Plan
As mentioned before the ‘Working a Job Plan’, is a 1 to 1 ratio plan. In a nut shell it is a dependency plan. It depends on the job, the hours you work, the salary you receive, and in today’s economy on the stability of even having or maintaining a job. So this plan is quite limited.
R.I.S.P. on the other hand is truly an unlimited plan in the creation, growing, and securing financial freedom. Here’s some reasons why:
    • 1.     Those using this plan are not trading hours for wages
    • 2.     In the 1 to 1 plan, if you stop working for any reason your income stops as well. This does not happen with the R.I.S.P. plan, because even when you stop, slow down, lay on a beach for 6 months, your income keeps generating itself.
    • 3.     This is not a free lunch planyou have to commit to a few hours consistently. But spending that time once gives you a larger financial return for your time.
    • 4.     This plan is the method that all truly wealthy people use to create, grow, and maintain their wealth. With each new stream they create, they spend time in the beginning, yet from that effort, a recurring or passive money stream that continues to flow.
Without a question the R.I.S.P. is a better plan. Yet the unfortunate thing is that even though everyone should be running to this plan, only a very few will see the true value of implementing such a plan in their lives. There many variations, of this plan, and for the most part most are quite excellent approaches.  If you’re unemployed, or under employed  you should seriously consider implementing this plan into your life. This plan is all about securing opportunities to create wealth, financial freedom.
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