The Secret Trait Of Successful People

Trait Of Successful People Is To Push Yourself

by jeng cua

Enjoying the softness of your bed and you start contemplating if you will get up and go to gym?

Do I really need to do my blog today?

There is still time….I will just take my photographs tomorrow…

Are these circumstances familiar to you? Then, you are not alone.  Most people including myself felt exactly the same way as you do.  Whether you hate waking up early in the morning or you hate writing an article or blog or getting yourself to the gym….but, when you push yourself doing things consistently and see good results –  it was really not so bad at all.

When you do your daily exercise and you suddenly stop doing it for one day, does your body and mind looking for it?  But, when you stop for one month I bet that this will drag to one year or two years without doing any exercise right?
You were pushed to wake up early, pushed to exercise, pushed to learn, pushed to buy things, pushed to be successful… But did you ever wondered how these things benefit you?  So maybe getting a push now and again is not such a bad thing huhhh!

Trait Of Successful People Don’t Just Sit & Wait – They Push, Push, & Push!


When we were young, our parents are always there to push us to go to school, to study hard, to eat, to do our homework, to wake up every morning and so on….


In school we have our teacher to push us to submit your project and assignment on time, push to participate and cooperate in school successful people push themselvesactivities. Getting pushed by our parents or teachers while growing up helped us achieve everything that we want at some point or accomplished up to the point that we are at now.

Did you know that we are all capable to do things and get what we want in life and in business if we just get a little push from time to time?  This is one of  the secret trait of successful people that’s so powerful to stretch the possibilities in life.

Now, when you finished your bachelor, master degree or doctorate degree there will be no one forcing you to learn anymore, there will be no curriculum to follow except for the path that you will set for yourself – your GOAL, your DREAM and your TARGET in life!

Successful People Push Through Self Doubt

Most of us got this internal barrier of having self doubt.  You just need to adapt this secret trait of successful people – keep pushing through it .  Nobody is perfect, nobody is good enough without a push of their self doubt.  All of us have insecurities, just keep pushing through it and do not let it stop you in achieving your dreams and goals.
The  Secret Trait Of Successful People

Setting a goal is one technique that can push you to move and step forward.
One of the benefit of setting goal is they push you to do things you may not like or passionate about, but are necessary for you to get what you want in life.
” Goal Setting is not a mind game.  It is a process of developing the internal willpower to accomplish what you have set out to do.” by Joan Samuelson, Olympic Marathon Gold Medalist
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