Play The Money Game To Win Your Financial Freedom

How To Attain Financial Freedom By “Playing Your Game” To Be Rich

by jeng cua

People are always seeking for opportunities.  Opportunity to have a better career, opportunity to perform better,  opportunity to help people, opportunity to meet people, opportunity to make more time and opportunity to make more money and so on…
I used to be in debt…drowning from credit card debt.  Whether you are getting a descent salary every month, you always seem to come up short on cash embracing the stress of living paycheck to paycheck.   I’ve been there and I do not want to go back of having a lifestyle of living beyond your means –  being aware of them can prepare you to attain your financial freedom.

Many young people, career women and working class drifting through their early years with credit, making mistake after mistake that can cost them dearly down the black hole that makes them difficult to recover.
How To Attain Financial Freedom: Play Your Game To Be Rich
If your deep  into money troubles or difficulties – the worst thing you can do is to close your eyes and pretend like it’s not happening, but what if you lose your job?  Are you going to simply just contact your credit provider to work out alternative arrangements to bridge the gap for you?  What happens to your integrity?  Mistakes can happen and you have the right to correct your mistakes.

Why Wealthy People Achieved Financial Freedom?

Most wealthy people started their businesses and built them from scratch. There is no secret formula or luck to being successful. It doesn’t just happen out of nowhere – there is   always a starting point “to get started” to get you there.  What count the most is your habits – what you do on your daily constant basis.
Rich people play the Money Game to Win..  If your aim is to “be comfortable financially”, you’re unlikely to ever be rich.  You have to aim to be rich to become rich/wealthy in attaining your true financial freedom.
Im sure that you know Napoleon Hill – he is the leading author of personal success literature.  The author of “Think and Grow Rich”.  His work focuses on how the power of personal beliefs play a key role in personal success.
Are you the person who are saying this…”I’ve worked hard every day, what’s wrong with me?”
You must remember that self-doubts lose motivation, focus and consistency to do the work you are passionate about.  Successful people dream big! They put in hard work, they are persistent and consistent in their actions.  They are action takers!

Financial Freedom:  Unleash Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone

If you are not willing to explore, do anything and stretch your capability outside your comfort zone  then reaching success and achieving big things is going to take a much longer time because the magic of success happens out your comfort zone.
How To Attain Financial Freedom: Play Your Game To Be Rich

Which of these things holding you back?
–  Are you afraid of failure?
–  Are you not confident of your capability?
–  No experience in doing business and afraid of rejections?

Or you are not confident enough to take action?
Remember I used to be drowning from credit card debt – I learned how to take action to be out of debt and this is why I am here right now helping others to do the same thing.  If I can do it YOU can do it too!   Understand that everyone (even those successful people) started from the scratch or from somewhere, I started from negative US$17,000 in debt.

Tips For Your Financial Freedom Transformation Process

1.  Start Out Small & Master Your Skills
Being smart does not always lead to success, “Taking Action” is the one leads to your success – YOU alone is the one responsible to it!
2.  Let Go Of Unreasonable Fears.
Do something that most people are not willing to do. When you take action towards something that you were afraid to do, you will feel good about yourself.
3.  Avoid the SOS (Shinny Object Syndrome).
Focus on one business strategy until you become successful.  Become real good at it.  Ignore the shinny object out there because opportunities like “make money fast” or “make $10,000 in 3 months”, “your true financial freedom is here” will just keep on popping every single day.  Ignore this because when you jumped from one opportunity to another, you are not only wasting your money, but your precious  time.
Once you become good at it on what you do, it will become easier, you will gain momentum and you will find better ways to improve your skills on how to grow your money exponentially.
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