Online Marketing: Daily Mode Of Operation Productivity Secrets

Your Daily Mode of Operation Will Drive Your Internet Marketing Success

by jeng cua

Having a consistent action over time will provide you great results.   Your income depends on you and your daily mode of operation.  Mastering your time to be productive is your key to your internet marketing success.

Do you have a daily routine that you follow for your business?

Do you check your email first or focus first in your income producing activities?

Daily Mode of Operation is a must for anyone who is serious about building a home-based business. This applies to MLM/Network Marketing, Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing.  Today let’s talk about  what a Daily Mode of Operation means, how to master your time, what to focus first  that would work excellently for you.

The Importance of Daily Mode Of Operation

Everyone knows that things can really get very overwhelming on the web. There are a lot of opportunities and strategies on how to make money online, but  most people do not know where and how to start…. I mean you get to your laptop check your Facebook account then all of the sudden you found yourself hooked in checking all the status of your friends – in short you spent most of your time at the “unproductive activities”.


Without a Daily Mode of Operation and consistency of action to your business will lead you to failure.Daily Mode of operations

Your DMO (Daily Mode of Operation)  is simply a list of things that you must do everyday – your checklist for your business.  This is your line of duty to be productive in every single day.  If you are like me – a stay home mom who is making an income from home, establishing a DMO is very important.
If you set your DMO it will help you eliminate procrastination because you will adhere setting a habit and discipline to yourself.  Doing this consistently provides structure in your day and ultimately your business.

Here’s My Daily Mode Of Operation To Get Sign Ups To My Business

DMO Priority#1: Taking Breakfast 
Are you slow to get going?
Are you low in energy and concentration levels mid-morning?
Online Marketing: Daily Mode Of Operation Productivity Secrets
Having a good balance breakfast will radically transform your mind’s alertness, and make you 10x more effective in ALL areas of your life.  Many people skip the most important meal of the day – breakfast.  Eating a healthy breakfast every day gives your brain and body a boost. This will help you improve your performance and concentration.  Just like any other organ in the body, your brain needs energy in order to work at its best.

DMO Priority#2:  Never Ever Check Your Email (Go For Income Producing Activity First)
NEVER, NEVER, NEVER “check” emails or login to facebook before you finish some kind of money producing activity because you will get sucked into the web and it will destroy your entire day… Do not let other people control your time. You need to be the one controlling your time.
Start your day with a creative piece of advertising, this could be writing a blog post.  I highly recommend that you do this first thing first, make a youtube video then email your list using your auto responder follow up message.  Make sure to always keep in touch with your mailing list.
Note:  Make valuable contents. We are in a search engine world.  Provide value to what people are looking for…

DMO Priority#3: Time To MARKET Your Business & Blog Post! (40 days SMS Challenge) 
Online Marketing: Daily Mode Of Operation Productivity Secrets
Use Social Media like Facebook… This is the time you open your Facebook account. Make sure that you have created your Facebook business fan page.  Learn how to plug in and plug out of your business especially using Facebook marketing.  Focus in hour blocks.
Build relationships with them, reach new people and drive sales using Facebook. Don’t think Facebooking is work. It’s a black hole. Be productive and when done with your Facebook DMO …close your Facebook account.

DMO Priority#4:  Set Target Goals

Failing to set your goal is the same as planning to fail.  Focus on the outcomes you want to achieve and break it down – 3 leads per day or $100/month.
Then make your long term goals written down where you can see them everyday to motivate you – break down your goals into exact numbers.  Create a mind map with all the steps you need to take to reach your goals.
Your Daily Mode Of Operation will create habits and you won’t need to think about it anymore.  Work in 60 minute intervals, and unplug for 10 minute breaks (drink water and do some stretching).   Write down your D.M.O and have it in front of you while you’re working.
<<< I hope that you get value from this. And if so, please share this post to others so they can as well benefit from this, and leave your feedback right below!

To your One Step Up To Success!
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