MLM Independent Distributors: Whose Business Are You Building?

MLM Independent Distributors Do Your Really Own Your Business?

by jeng cua

When you get involved with an MLM business opportunity or network marketing business opportunity do you consider this your “OWN” business? or not?

How do you define independent distributor?

Independent distributor – a person who sells a company’s products directly to customers, receiving a payment or commission from the company for the amount of goods sold.  Compensation plan varies depending to the particular industry the distributor chooses to work with.

How many network marketing company did you join?

How many years did you devote your time and effort promoting your MLM company or product?

If you own a business meaning you have the control of everything right? Your product, marketing strategy, system and customers.  If you cannot control this then, you cannot consider this your own. It’s simple…

MLM Independent Distributors:  Whose Business Are You Promoting?

I think this is one important question that you should ask yourself – whose business are you promoting?  Most network marketers promote their MLM company or their products.

MLM Independent Distributors Whose Business Are You Building?
You might be thinking that you are building your own business, but why so many network marketers who join several networking companies as MLM independent distributors failed?  The truth of the matter is…. you do not actually own your business at all.  This is no difference if you are working for someone else –  you are an employee of your MLM company following  their corporate rules.  Come to think about this…. do you have any control of your products?  Does your MLM company allow you to have another stream of income where you can as well leverage your time and money?

Here’s Some MLM Independent Distributors Challenges 

You Are Expendable:
One distributor comes, another goes. Most network marketers put  their time and effort bringing-in new customers or downline to their organization and here it goes….same story your downline will come and go.  This is why so many of them fail because they have not been taught on how to market properly. This is not a game of hunting your prospect every single day – this is totally a waste of time and money!
Start All Over Again From Scratch:
Why do you need to jump from one MLM company to another and start all over again building your customer database?
MLM Independent Distributors Whose Business Are You Building?
Majority of MLM independent distributors are led to believe that they are business owners of their MLM company when it is really NOT.   As an MLM independent distributor you can’t control your customer base, you cannot take your leads, customers or downline with you if let say your MLM company close down.  Your downline or leads are under the property of your MLM company and NOT YOURS –  even if you spent your hard work, time and marketing dollars to bring them in.
Do not misunderstood what freedom is, as an MLM independent distributor versus a full business ownership.
Here’s the fact:  You can truly consider that you own your business ONLY when you have your acquired skills to promote your OWN BRAND AS “YOU” as a leader who gives true value in helping people by applying the right marketing approach to make people look for you and not you looking or hunting your prospects or customers.
1.  Be an Authority Leader & be an expert in your field/niche
2.  Know how to generate your own unique, targeted leads voluntarily
3.  Know to retain and convert those leads into signups

Leads are the life blood of your business.  You can produce your laser targeted leads yourself online, regardless of what MLM opportunity you happen to be with – let your tool do the selling for you and not your mouth.

MLM Independent Distributors Whose Business Are You Building?

Now, take your expertise, creativity, your know-how skills and I can guarantee that YOU will bring results to your business and for others.

So, what to do next????   You need to take action by working for yourself (YOU)  and not for anyone else. This is the best way to build a sustainable profitable home business for long term with AUTOMATION and GO GLOBAL!

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