MLM Business: Why Most People Fail In their MLM Business

Know Exactly The Reason Why Most People Fail In MLM Business

by jeng cua

Can’t figure out why you cannot make money in your MLM business?
Why so many people quit while attempting to build their business, but keep on doing the same mistake again and again?
Let’s look in today’s post at some specific areas why most people in our industry struggle to make money as well as some tips for how to solve this challenges.
Having the right action of making something known to others,  the more eyeballs you get seeing or listening to whatever message you are trying to convey, it eventually becomes unescapable that you’ll get others to join your opportunity or buy from you or use your product.   And this is where you will get what you want if you done it correctly.

Your Enemy In MLM Business Success

To attain your MLM business success you need to do something you’ve never done before, do the opposite way that most network marketers are doing, so that you can have the results you’ve never had before.
MLM business:  Why most people fail in their MLM business?
Now, the question are you ready to stop pitching your MLM product to others?
The rule is just so simple…. give more, and you will get a higher inflow to your business.
Many of us use excuses – waiting for the right time that will push you to take action.   “There’s plenty of time” and “I can always do it tomorrow.”
Or ” I will do it later”
Sound familiar? I know I’ve been there. Some of my favorite examples of this excuse include “I’ll start…”

Based on my experiences, here’s some list I came up that stops most people from having success in their MLM business:

1. Driven solely by money without deep understanding of their own WHY
If you are solely driven by money or being desperate to make money fast, you will have a great chance to fail because you treat people with dollar sign on their forehead instead of giving more outflow or valuable information to help them solve their problem.  You do not want to break their arms just to force them to buy from you because people hate being sold to.  Let them come to you instead of you coming to them.
2 .Fear of Failure
MLM business:  Why most people fail in their MLM business?
Doubtful about your ability to succeed and afraid of facing the consequences of failure.   Many network marketers are scared of learning to use computers and computer software. They have this negative mindset of “I can’t do it” or “it’s too difficult”.   Well, the more you tell yourself that it’s hard, the harder it’s gonna be, that I can promise you.  The more you think about it, the stronger your fear of failure becomes  and you are attracting more failure to your life and to your business.
3. Fear of the Unknown
This is so common to anyone  if you are attempting in doing something that  you are not familiar with.  For instance if you want to  start an online home base business or  MLM business and is not familiar with the business model, you  may have concerns about the uncertainty of where to bring you.  These negative beliefs will stop one in attaining success  and you will  never see inflow of any kind to your business.

Solutions You Can Take To Becoming A Successful MLM Business Owner In achieving your dreams:

1.  Having Your Powerful WHY
Remind yourself of why you are pursuing your endeavor?  Is this for your family?
In any form of business, how long do you think you can make money or can break even?
You must know exactly why you chose to do this MLM business!  If you truly want to become an expert,  you will commit to master your skills necessary to become a successful professional in this field and must understand that success will be based on your own effort,  determination, and consistency rather than playing lucky.  Think like a true entrepreneur – how you can always bring your business to the next level to leverage your income for long term.
2.  Take Action While You Learn
Successful people  know that they will learn best while taking action.   They will always set aside their doubt.  They will always find ways to make it happen –  by being a winner. They do not lose time to take action because  time is money. When I got started marketing online several months ago, I knew nothing about lead generation using the internet.  You will  be surprised to find how many MLM top leaders started out the same way as you do – struggling in finding the right prospect to join their business, after putting their time and effort seeing their downline fading away from them.  You are not alone!
3. Have A Great Mentor To Follow
MLM business:  Why most people fail in their MLM business?
Having a mentor is your fast way to achieve success.  You must have someone who can guide and advise you, show you the right journey to take an enjoyable path to success. Mentors are essential to your success, especially  if you find a mentor that is right for you, that blends to your culture and styles.   It is important to have an insider’s perspective on navigating your  business success and hold YOU accountable for you to make decisions about your path and growth.  A good mentor will help you develop a sharper focus on what is needed to grow professionally within your business and learn from their real-world experiences.
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