The real meaning of social networking

Social networking – what does it really mean?

what is social networkingI debated where to write this post and decided that this was the best place to put it…on the Adlandpro blogging community..lets have a conversation shall we?

Social networking! Did you know there was a life before Facebook, Twitter and even the almighty Google Plus and that was done on blogs and blog networks where the connections a person made were real connections and some of those relationships are alive and well today!

Bogs were founded on the basics of “social networking” principles of

  • commitment
  • sharing
  • giving
  • … 
  • building relationships

When you joined a blogging network you really got to know the the other members of that network ( community) and while people could argue and carry on some of the best conversations, things like spamming or even scamming were a rare occurrence because trust me.. people were quick to kick the losers to the curb and I mean fast!

Then it seemed that everything changed and people decided that blogs were out of favor and that everyone needed to be on Facebook, twitter and elsewhere because that is where the money was, it was less work and easy to “reach” people and what happened was that people discovered

  • small talk
  • link dropping
  • spam and scams galore!

What is real social networking? Its about people and more important its about people where you can reach them and they can reach you!

When you have a blog, you are social networking with the people who are reading what you say and building that relationship, which is so important if you want to build is a place for you to call you home and invite them in for a coffee and have a friendly conversation. With a blog you can entertain, you can inspire and you can educate people and the best ROI you will get is when a person subscribes to your blog and comments on what you are saying!

Social networking is also about using the social networks where you can go – visit and talk about what you are doing, share ideas, help with answers and invite them back to your home. I have had people ask me – what does that really mean – help people find out “answers”?  If I see a person talking about needing help with ideas on what to make for supper that is easy and I can help them with that, I just helped them with an answer.  Where is it written that all answers have to be niche or market related? On social networks, people rarely are looking to get an answer about markets or be sold to.. people are on social networks for “life” happenings and that is always wise to remember! Because of the public nature of a social network, people can take in what is being said and done before jumping in and “liking” or following you. Is using social networks really that easy?

Real social networking takes the elements of both blogging and social networks to create the synergy that is needed to find out what people are really wanting and being there to help them find the answers! 

What is real social networking? It really is all about balance and understanding how a blog and social networks serves a different but related purpose and that purpose is to network with people in a meaningful way!

I can’t answer why people link drop, spam or scam others, I will never get it I guess, but it happens and to me it is easy to say to the people who have groups or communities to take a more assertive role and police their groups better, but that is just me.

What does real social networking mean to you?



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