Make Money From Home Mom

Make Money From Home Mom:  Choosing The Right One For You

by jeng cua

Do you want to do what you love and make some extra money on the side?

If you are a stay home mom like me, creating a home base business career using the power of your computer and internet connection is something that’s fit for you.

Taking advantage of your existing skills and capability can also ensure your success in a new business from your own comfort home.
The  biggest advantage of make money from home is the flexibility that comes attached to it.  You will be your own boss.  You can work any time you want either in the morning wearing your pajamas or work in the afternoon  or in the evening.  You can do this in any way you want.
Internet is open 24 hours/day for 365 days a week.   Young  people, moms, dads, your neighbor are using and taking advantage of the Internet – if you are looking for something where do you go and search for?  When you want to see updated status of your friend where do you go and search for?  When you want to send email or video where do you go and search for?  INTERNET!  Period!
You go to search engine like Google  Bing or yahoo then if you want to connect with friends you go to social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  Internet has a wide audience and if you know how to target your audience, niche and position your business platform the right way, you can seriously make money from home.

Ideas For Mom To Make Money From Home That Will Change Your Life!

The Internet Marketing changed my life!   I am now a full time working from home mom who loves inspiring others and help moms overcome their fears and limitations to reach their true potential.
I cannot forget my first $10 income deposited to my Paypal account – I was jumping for joy, I remembered when I spread the news to my husband and daughter about this unforgettable first $10.00,  I told them that this is for REAL!  If you do it the right way….
You cannot find success overnight – you need to build this slowly and steady to conquest your victory. Determine your strengths.  In this blog post, you will learn some effective techniques in branding yourself “YOU” using tools and strategies to bring your business with automation that will skyrocket your results than using your mouth in selling.
Sounds fun and interesting right?
Yes! I bet you hear what I’ve just said….
Because the more you talk about your product, services or opportunity – the less you make.  It is really more fun to see people come to you and be an inspiring leader to them.

2 Deadly Secrets On How To Be Effectively Make Money From Home 

Make money from home Mom Secret #1:  Sell this First 3 Letter Word “YOU”
Start attracting people by leading with value, building relationship, connect with them with credibility and sincerity.
Make Money From Home Mom San Antonio Texas
If you don’t have a web presence, The first thing you need to do is to create the foundation for your online reputation and that means creating profiles on sites that rank high in search engines. Build your blogging platform. This will be your hub – your store online.
There are billions of people searching in Google every single day.  Every day Google answers more than one billion questions from people around the globe. If you can offer what people are looking for – We’re just at the beginning of what’s possible for you to rank in the first page of Google or any search engine.
Make money from home Mom Secret #2:  Clarity Of Your Purpose or Why
Knowing your purpose gives meaning to what you do and why you do it.  You will be motivated to do the task, whether or not you like it or not like the task.  Sometimes there are certain things we don’t want to do because it’s hard to do.  But when we know our purpose, we will be motivated to do it because we know that somehow there will be a positive outcome.

Make Money From Home Mom San Antonio Texas
Why do you want to do this?  Is this because you do not want to bring your kids to day care?  Is this because you want to help your husband and bail him out from work?
People buy not because of what you do.  People buy because of  WHY you do it.
If you are familiar with this book “Start with why” by Simon Sinek, in this book, Simon talks about how great leaders inspire action.
Did you know that all great inspiring leaders and successful people in the world they all think, act and communicate the exact same way and this is a complete opposite to everyone else?    You should know how to think the right way – think from the inside out and not from the outside in….

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To your One Step Up!

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