Creating a handcrafted jewelry business!

What does it take to make handcrafted  jewelry business ?

I get asked this question all of the time. Many people would say money for supplies and tools, while others insist that it is knowing how to run a home based or small business. Still others will say knowing how to attract customers, and how to keep them. All of these are valid points, but they are not the most important thing to have as a jeweler, or for any craft!

handcrafted jewelry businessBefore starting a handcrafted  jewelry business , you have to think out your business plan, and stick to it, that is also true, but it is still not the most important part of making handcrafted jewelry. Without that business plan, things will be very difficult to start your home based business however. I speak from experience.

When I first started making jewelry, I had no business plan, no business name, nor any concept of making one. I knew better! I had my own electrical business for a few years, and although it was very small, I did very well, but I also had a business plan laid out for it and stuck to it.

However, that’s still not the most important part!  Are you curious yet? Well, let me tell you what the most important part of making a handcrafted jewelry business work…

It is YOUR IMAGINATION! Without an imagination, you can’t be creative! So what do you imagine? How hard is it for you to use your imagination? Believe it or not, everyone has a dream, and that is YOU imagining what you want to do!

So, before you say you can’t make this, or that, stop, imagine that you can, then learn how to make that “dream” come true! As you learn how to make your imagination come true, you learn to brand yourself and your creations. Another lesson it has taken me years to start learning. Branding yourelf is basically getting your name, and your jewelry creations, out into the public to the point where folks know who you are, and what you create.handcrafted jewelry business dream

Now, how do you brand yourself? Again, use your imagination! One of the most important things in branding yourself is a name that people will remember. The name of my jewelry business is Daves Wire Creations, which people do remember. When I had my electrical business, my business name was Rowland Enterprises, which is great for a general purpose name, but it didn’t stand out. It was a lousy name for a handcrafted jewelry business!

So, let’s recap a bit. First, you need an imagination to make your jewelry creations. Then you need a name that folks are going to remember. After that, it’s coming up with a business plan, learning how to brand yourself and your jewelry, how to market yourself and your jewelry, and of course, actually making the jewelry to sell. I consider those the basics to get started, and everything else you learn is filling in the empty spaces so you can do better, make better jewelry, and so on.


Daves Wire Creations


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I am a wire wrap jewelry artist. Before that I was an electrician, spent some time in the US Navy, was a cued speech transliterator for 2 years, worked as a landscaper, assistant manager at a greenhouse/nursery, worked for Home Depot for a bit, and have done stints working as a plumber, roofer, bricklayer, cowboy, maitre'd at a restaurant, and several odd jobs in between. I enjoyed being an electrician a lot, until my back started going bad, and I made the choice to get out of electrical work. Then, with money being low, I considered going back into the electrical field, and God made it very clear that was not where I was supposed to be, and if I went back into the electrical field, something very bad would happen. I listened to God. Now I am very happy to make jewelry for a living, although it does not pay as well as electrical work. This year has seen some drastic improvements in my jewelry business however. I have more of the tools I need to make the kind of jewelry I want to make. I've learned some new things, new methods, and made many new friends along the way.

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