Canon Digital Cameras

Canon Digital Cameras – why they are my choice for a single lens reflex (SLR) camera

by Dave Cottrell

Canon Digital cameras, specifically their digital SLRs, have become my camera of choice, since making the step from film to digital.

There was a time when I was determined never to stop using film cameras, but since I began trying a bit of digital photography, it quickly became apparent that I was missing something.

Simply put, with a reasonable storage card installed, I can shoot for hours, taking hundreds of photos, without having to continuously stop to take change film. 

Canon Digital Camera

When I first began trying digital photography for myself, I used a simple point-and-shot (P&S) Sony. It was ok, but painfully slow between shots, compared to my 1978 Minolta SLR.

Next, I picked up a Pentax P&S, then a Canon A520 P&S. I quite liked the Canon, compared to the others, and soon upgraded to several newer, higher resolution Canons.

Still, the problem was speed between shots. The P&S cameras all have one very big drawback. Their processing/recording time is far too long.

Finally, I bid on a Canon EOS 300D on eBay that had a broken mirror pin. YouTube has some great videos on how to repair the pin, and I soon had a terrific 6.3 megapixel Canon DSLR. This was to be the camera that made me a huge fan of digital.

With the DSLR, I soon discovered that I could take photos of birds in flight, or a dog in mid leap for a ball, or my grand children running, jumping and playing with one another, never missing a shot. As fast as I can shoot, the camera would keep up.

Today, I own a Canon EOS T1i, which also records 1080 video with sound, and Canon EOS 20D, which is only 8.2 megapixels, but very solid, very fast, and with a much greater field of view than the T1i.

I love Canon glass and the very wide range of lenses available. The lenses from the first Canon EOS cameras still work on the brand new DSLRs, so there is a virtually unlimited supply of lenses at very good prices.

Furthermore, there are a few other companies that have built some really gorgeous lenses for Canon, as well, such as Sigma and Sigma’s little sister, Tamron.

I still own a fairly large collection of film cameras, and use them from time to time. There are things you can do with film you still cannot do with digital cameras, plus there is something really fun and special about shooting with a camera that is fifty to a hundred years old.

However, there is no comparison to how much you can do with a DSLR with a fully charged battery and a fresh storage card. Where once you could very carefully take twenty-four or thirty-six frames with a film camera, before stopping to change the film, then have to take it in to get it developed (or back to your own lab) to see how it turned out, then print it, you can now see immediately if it’s the shot you want, and you can instantly adjust and shoot again if it’s not what you wanted.

There are a number of popular DSLR cameras on the market, today, but for my money, it’s Canon all the way. What do you use?


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