Build Your Platform For Long Term Online Success

Why Build Your Platform?  Do You Care Of Your Online Marketing Success?

By Jeng Cua

Start asking these questions to yourself….

How many people know you online?
How many people appreciate your work?
Do you have 100 or 10,000 fans out there?

Numbers are very crucial to anyone who wants to make money online or offline.  Every business entrepreneurs work with numbers.  Even if you have the best  innovative website, best product or having a groundbreaking marketing campaign, it won’t be worth of your effort and time if it does not translate into leads and then convert those leads into sales.

If you have a goal or target to attain, you need to know your numbers – how many leads or sales you will need in order for your business to see an ROI (return of investment) and to meet your overall business goals.  The best way to do this is to build your platform for you to start building a viral relationship with your prospects and by tracking your sales funnel.

Build Your Platform To Reach Out Your Audience

If you want to succeed in any online business for long term, no matter the size of your target goals, you cannot have success without building a platform.


When you build your platform, you are building your name (your own brand), your credibility, reputation, and a larger audience. It is how to build your platform when internet marketing?essential to build your own customer base if you want to position your home base business for long tern success.

The larger your platform, the more people are willing to work and do business with you or buy or use your product.   Establishing yourself as an authority leader or expert in your field or niche will result in more loyal repeat customers.
Building your platform properly is the best way to earn affection, respect, like and trust in whatever goals you may have in your business.  You must provide and meet the needs of your prospects or leads or customers.

Building your platform can also make you more attractive in attracting your prospect to come to you instead of YOU chasing them or calling them.

How To Build Your Platform Effectively

Create Your Own Hub:
You must have your own personal hub or blog.  Blogging if done correctly, can be the most productive thing that you can do for your business.  This is really worth to do every single day to connect with your customers, subscribers or prospects.  Blogging is a personal effective method of keeping your customers informed and in-the-know about not only your latest product offerings, but in building the like, know and trust and your internal culture as well.
Blogs are the news and sales vehicle of the future. If you do it right, you can find new clients from blogging.

Tracking Your Leads & Sales Funnel:

Tracking your leads and Sales Funnel can also help you with lead nurturing in improving your sales.   Learn how to tailor your content in order to drive someone into being a customer.  Depending on where they are in the funnel, you can better understand their mentality and decide what kind of content would guide them in the right direction.

Build Your Platform For Your Long Term Online Success

Is your blog being viewed and shared? How many people are visiting and seeing your content? What is the conversion rate?
These statistics or numbers are black and white proof that you need to see if your efforts are in fact working for you.   Seeing results will help you evaluate your strategy and allocate your marketing dollars efficiently.  If your blog is driving relevant traffic and profitable leads.
Make it a point that you add a simple lead capture template field on all of your personal blog pages.  Also, use social networking to drive traffic to your blog site. This will successfully build your email list data base.  Remember…money is in your list!  If you want huge money you should have HUGE Lists!
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