Top 10 Ways To Guarantee You Do NOT Sell Your Product


Let’s talk. There is a lot of information available on how to sell your merchandise. You can take a course, read a book, do research on-line. What I want to address here is how to be sure you don’t sell. I am referring to the face-to-face or one-on-one sales approach. Whether you are selling a car or a bottle of vitamins, certain things you do will help guarantee you do not make the sale. It has been said that trying to sell yourself is not as important as selling your product. Hogwash! Selling is ALL about selling yourself. Here is how to guarantee you DON’T sell. Think about it!


Starting with the 10th way not to sell…….

10. Have limited knowledge about your product. If your prospect asks you a question to which you do not have the answer, make it up. Hopefully, they will never find out.

 9. Establish your customer’s needs and then tell him what he wants to hear, even if it isn’t true. Again, hopefully, he will never find out. The only thing that is important is the sale, right?

8. Pay no attention to your appearance. So, unkempt, sloppy – it doesn’t matter. They are buying a product – what you look like does not have any affect.

7. Control the conversation. Do not give your prospect a chance to voice his opinion or ask questions. What is important is that you talk about you and your success.

6. Make sure to empathize the down side. Let them know why this product may not work for them.

5. No matter what they ask you, never say “I don’t know.” Do not appear uninformed. Don’t offer to get the right answer for them.

4. Don’t get excited or show any passion for your product.

3. Don’t ask your prospect questions. What they have to say is not important.

 2. If they insult your intelligence in any way, get angry. Let them know who is in charge.

If, after following the guidelines above, you still manage to make a sale, the number ONE way to squash it is…….(drum roll, please)……

1. Do not stop talking. Oversell! Maybe they will change their mind .

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