Saving Money or Making Money : Get Rich Tactics

Saving Money Or Making Money: Wealth Management

by jeng cua

Your wealth is equals to what you earn after you deduct all your spending.
Do you know how much is your worth? You probably nodding your head by now huh!
Okay, let me go to my next question…Do you track your expenses every month?

If you cannot answer the above, it is always never too late to learn your lesson….

I remembered when I used to be a flight attendant I earned a descent amount of money, I bought my first car, renovate our house, have more than 50 pairs of shoes and perfumes, but if you will look at my bank account I have minimum amount just to maintain my bank minimum requirement.

saving money or making money?

With Saudi Arabian Airlines (1989-1996)

Just to make the story short….I was living paycheck to paycheck and we were US$17,000 in credit card debt. By the way this amount of money way back 1996 was huge!

It doesn’t matter how much money you make or what job or business you are doing, if you don’t keep your spending habit under control – even if you are making 1 Million but spending 1.1 Million per month or per year you are going to be in trouble no matter how wealthy you are.

Which One Is Better : Saving Money Or Making Money?

Saving money and making money are both important. If you save money, you will have money set aside when you need them, but saving money alone is not sufficient enough in today’s economy in order for you to retire and do the things that you deserve like traveling in first class seats, staying at 5 stars hotel, provide your children the life that they deserve and helping others.

Putting money in the bank is passive. Saving money in the bank are useful for preserving some cash only in rainy days fund with limitations – low returns having limited interest yield. This is your tradeoff for the high level of security and for your easy access to your fundings. Saving money in the bank is not the best way to grow your wealth.

Making Your Money Work For You – True Path To Wealth!

I learned many years ago that no matter how hard you budget or save there is really only one way to get ahead in the game – let your money work for you by leveraging your time and money. So, if saving money alone is not the way to get wealthy, what can you do?
make money or save money?
Learn how to put your money to work for you so you can turn your money into more money. This is the key to true path to wealth.
Start your own home business using the internet is by far the smartest and better way to leverage your income and time. In fact, you can already start doing this in no time while you are still getting a good income from your JOB. Start investing your time to those activity that you can considered your OWN – cash flowing income with automation.

With the Internet you have unlimited potential and the world is wide open to you. Did you hear about people making money in their sleep? or while they are at the beach with their family? It’s totally true with the Internet.

Let’s face it. Most people are using the internet nowadays if they are searching or looking for something. The Internet isn’t going anywhere. Why not embrace it and take advantage of this awesome opportunity right in front of you?

It’s important to work on making money work for you. Live an internet lifestyle, but also take steps to improve your earning power by increasing your income than spending.
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