Reason Why Your Prospects Don’t Join Your MLM Network Marketing Business

MLM Network Marketing Business Making A Difference

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Like so many others, the reason why people decided to join MLM Network Marketing Business opportunity is to have “more” in your life – more time and more money!


Most people already had enough of the unpaid bills, rat race of working for someone, financial stress and never have enough time to spend more time with the people you love and do the things you want.


Knowing how to sell in mlm network marketing business isn’t enough to attain your financial freedom goal. No matter how good and polished your sales skills, making one of these common mistakes can wipe out all your hard work and your foundation you’ve earned and send you back to square zero again resulting to lack of money, lack of leads and lack of duplication.


Common Mistakes Of Network Marketers When Talking To Prospects:

1. Pitching and bragging about how your product works, talking about all the good things about your product – how owning it will change the prospect’s life for the better. Whatever product you are selling, not everyone will be interested or willing to buy it. Selling to people who aren’t actually your laser targeted prospects you’re just wasting your precious time and money on the table. It is essential to any MLM Network Marketing Business that you know how to qualify your prospect.


2. Treating people with a dollar sign on their forehead. Treat people as people. All of us we have something in common… we want “more time” to spend with our family or loved ones and “more money” to do the things that we want to do at anytime we want to do it. Let’s be real here, if your main concern is to help other people to be successful – if they are successful you will be successful too! It’s your prospects emotional side that will determine whether he/she will buy or join your business or not. If you could create a better life for yourself is by helping others right?


3. Talking more than listening. Listening is more important as talking if you are in the MLM Network Marketing Business. Listen to your prospects pains and problems that’s why we have one mouth and two ears so you could listen more on what they need and know what they are looking for. Building rapport is essential to your business growth, but if you rush the process, you will derail the “building relationship”- the like, know and trust.



MLM Network Marketing Business Making A Difference With Your Product


One way to create a difference with your product is to create your OWN leverage. The whole point is to create an auto-pilot that can provide you a residual income, right? Well, if your team isn’t making money and if you are MISSING THIS DUPLICATION then, there will be no residuals!


Duplication one of the driving forces in MLM

As a network marketer you are serving others. You are offering products or services that have the potential to improve the quality of your customers’ lives.


Your product could be a nutritional product, beauty product, lose weight product, gold or silver product, travel agency or educational product. Whatever products that you are marketing, you can position yourself to be truly unique from your competitors by being able to add value to people’s lives while making an income.


Focus on helping others rather than on the money, and the profits will follow.


Let Your MLM Network Marketing Business Tool Do The Selling & Not Your Mouth!


Tap into the leverage & automation the internet offers you, as you build your network marketing business to a point where it’s more or less hands-off. This automation happens once you’ve got your system and tools that is in place that do the telling, selling and follow up, ads running online 24/7, have your blog or article content ranking on the first page of Google producing free leads for you – your prospects is the one haunting for you. Be encouraged and as I always say….unleash your unstoppable mindset – if you want to make an impact and make a difference so you can enjoy the blessings of the financial flexibility to have “more time” and “more money” in all those things that matter most to you.


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