Online Marketing Masters Success: Requires a Continual Of Self Education

Online Marketing Masters Success:

Self-Education Requires Self-Motivation 

by jeng cua

In order to successfully master a certain skill, you must be motivated and determined to have a continuous education, take action and apply it. I highly recommend holding yourself accountable and trying to educate yourself on things you actually are passionate about learning.

Be Careful on what you instill into your brain because this will reflect to what you become….

Have you ever said any of the following to yourself?

I cannot do this.
I am not good.
I don’t have enough money.
I don’t think I could do that.

Your mind is your powerful weapon and it is a proven fact that what you say…what you feed your mind will actually happen to you over time.  Tell your mind that you are no good, broke, and a failure and you start to believe it.  Not only do you believe it but you manifest it in your life.

Online Marketing Self Education Is Your

Online Marketing Degree To Step Forward!

What it is like getting a master’s decree in online marketing?

Education is a form of learning in which the knowledge and skills as for a profession.  If you       want to be a doctor, you need to spend many years acquiring the necessary education and skills to practice medicine.  Education may take 15 year or longer from the time you first enters college.


Here is one of my favorite quote from Jim Rohn…“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”Online Marketing masters workshop: continual process of self education
You can make a living from eight to five and you can make a fortune from five to eight in online/internet marketing – internet is open for you 24/7 every single day – provided that your system/tools are properly in placed you can earn while you learn!

People who take the time and initiative to pursue knowledge on their own are the ones who earn a real education in this world.  Whether it is a formal education or not, it does not matter if you are in the classroom of a well known universities or you are just learning from you own home – continuous self education is a constant development!

Successful leaders and business entrepreneurs are always the product of continuous self-education.

All of us started to learn our first step to walk….  As we grow up we were influenced by our family, friends, schools, leaders and business people.  Then, we go to different directions.  Some of us become a doctor, athletes, small business owners, photographers and investors.   We created our own path to make a living.

How To Overcome The Fear Of Investing To Educate Yourself

Are you earning while you learn?

Most of us we spent several years educating ourselves to be an expert in certain field.  Either you take bachelor degree, master degree or even a doctorate degree. We all know that the value of education costs of college are increasing rapidly.  When people see the reward of it, people are willing to invest their time and money because you can see the long term benefit of doing this.

Online Marketing Masters Success:  Requires A Continual Process Of Self Education

With online marketing you can have a residual income while for professionals like doctors, lawyers or business executives have linear income.

More then 90% of people in the world are get used to the source of income known as Linear Income.  Your earning is limited.  You receive a paycheck based on how much work you do – trading time for money.  For that reason they are not and never will be financially independent.  When you stop working, your income stops.

When you get sick, unemployed or go for retirement, your income stops because linear income requires continued work.

Residual Income is the most powerful, smarter and profitable source of income.  Residual Income is a source of income that keeps coming in on a regular basis, from work you do once from the very beginning.  This  is not about “get rich quick” –  It requires continues education, effort, determination and consistency especially in the beginning… at least 2-3 years  for the magic to start working.

Online marketing mastery success: continuous self education

A continual process of self education in online marketing you can earn while you learn.  Your income will depends on your effort.  More and more people are turning to something called time leveraging to create long term Residual Income.  With time leveraging, there is no hourly limit placed on your worth and money continues to come to you whether you work or not.

Are you ready in building a successful online business?  To make it happen, you’ll need to continuously be investing in your education.  

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To your One Step Up To Success!

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