MLM Success: How To Keep People In Your Business

MLM Success : What Do You Have To Do To Retain Your People?

by jeng cua



Retaining people in your network marketing business is a challenge to many. MLM success means you are successfully doing these two things – getting people into your business and retaining them.


Whatever your reason of joining your MLM opportunity or starting your own business, this will actually cost you hard work, consistency, time and money to make it successful.


Do you have a system in generating leads?


If your prospect does not join you, what will happen to those prospect that you already invest your time with them?


Do you have the right tool for your business?


Do you have the simple steps of what to do daily?


Duplication is the key to MLM Success….mlm is a business of duplication. It is essential that you provide them all the tools and resources that they need – a complete easy replicable system that they can leverage their time and income for long term.



MLM Success : Providing What They Need…


YOU must think what your team member are going to need to succeed…people join this opportunity in order to make money and people join you because they perceive that you can help them reach out their dreams to come true…



MLM success - create solutions

Why doesn’t the company do this? There is no doubt that most MLM companies provides good training on how you can show the benefits of your product and how you can recruit someone to join your organization, but when you recruit someone to your organization the name, address and phone number of your downline will go straight to your company’s data base and not yours.


Therefore, you do not have the full control of your OWN list, this is why when you decided to leave your 1st, 2nd or 3rd MLM company you need to start all over again in building your business from scratch.


If you want to retain people, you must provide these people with the right system that they need to help them grow their business for long term. I mean without any restrictions – they can apply this to any business that they want to do.


2 Tips In Building Your Business Right That Will Lead To Your MLM Success



Tip #1: Let Your Tool Do The Selling For You


Most marketers talk more than listening and this is a big fatal mistake in recruiting people to join your business or selling your stuffs. People hate being sold to…so, how can you sell to people who are not interested to buy your products or join you?



build your presence on line through search engines

Okay, if you are looking for something – lose weight, how to make money online, good hotels, best buys or anything that you are looking for…. where do you normally go?


Google, Bing or Yahoo Search Engine…That’s right! Build your online presence – there are several ways to do this. Blogging, video, press release and article writing.


If you are in health and wellness business you can offer something related to health like…”how to maintain good cholesterol” give valuable informations and tips related to your topic. If you know how to rank your page to google or doing some SEO techniques your site will show up right before the eyes of your targeted prospect once they type the same keyword “how to maintain good cholesterol” in google search engine.


Tips #2: Make Sure To Setup Your Lead Generation System



Remember…if people are the one who looks for you meaning they are ”Ready to Buy” Prospects that you are targeting. Lead generation will help you make more sales and profits for long term. This is where you can own your list to promote your own brand, product, services or any business that you want to promote. You can control and optimize your OWN LIST!


leverage your lead generation with emails

The number one issue facing network marketers, internet marketers or any small business owners today is not having enough qualified prospects. Every small business owner would like to have more high-quality prospects and I am sure that you do as well.


A great lead generation system will help you to have the ability to put almost entirely on “autopilot.” – you can generate your mailing list in collecting names, emails and phone numbers. People who voluntarily give you the permission to contact them so you can give them your newsletters, sale presentations or sell your product or services.


This is also where you can build a positive relationship of trust with your prospects.



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To your One Step Up To Success!

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