How to avoid drowning in network marketing debt

MLM Industry: Stop Drowning In Network Marketing Debt

by jeng cua

I was screening up my blog comments this morning and I was bothered by one comment that I received that is why I decided to tackle this topic today on how to avoid drowning in debt in network marketing business.

Here’s the comment…. Quote “Hello! I am glad I found your blog hoping that this will help me a lot, because to tell you honestly I’m in a MLM industry right now and I have a really big problem of having lots of lots of debts because of making an investment with a company, and because of this blog na buhayan ako ng loob to pursue the business! God bless! ” Translation of the last sentence “with your blog I’ve got revived to pursue the business”

Just to let you know… I myself was a victim of credit card debt 17 years ago and I also got involved with network marketing business that is why I am here for you today to give you some tips on how to avoid drowning in your network marketing business debt.

How To Avoid Drowning In Debt…Think Wisely!


I have nothing against the Network Marketing Business Industry in fact, network marketing business is one of my SWTE (smart ways to earn) formula. As you know, in a multilevel marketing organization the people who make big money are those leaders who have recruited bunch of people in their hierarchy for several years.

There is no reason to drown in debt when you are a network marketer

You’ve heard the stories about people making $5,000, $10,000 or $80,000 a month or something like that. Those stories are true for those people who do things the right way in the very beginning and have recruited people to do the same thing in recruiting people and recruiting people for years.

In MLM industry, you need to apply your common sense. You need to use your brain to analyze, assess things and most importantly know how to listen to your own judgement barometer that tells you when you are crossing the line.

Most people get into the network marketing business because they were told about the easy money they can make. There is no such thing as easy money or a push button to wealth. Your destiny is all up to you based on your effort, time, consistency, your massive passion and on how you can be an expert to your field so people can see you as an authority leader. Nobody cannot tell you that you can’t win. This is all about on how you play your game.

How To Avoid Drowning In Debt In MLM Tip#1:

Do Not Be Desperate To Make Money Most people joined the Network Marketing Business Opportunity because their friends or family show them the money and the beautiful cars without considering the monthly fixed cost in maintaining or sustaining the business. Sometimes people forget what business they’re in. Network marketing or MLM business opportunity are into the recruiting business and you need to maintain a certain volume of points to be qualified in your company’s compensation plan or you need to patronize the product itself.

Are you ready and willing to dispose that monthly cost every month? If so, for how long are you willing to dispose this? On average, you need at least 2-3 years time to see if a business is making money or not.

How To Avoid Drowning In Debt In MLM Tip #2:

Know What You Want When you want to start your own business ANY business that you want to do, you must have a clear direction of what you want to attain or achieve for long term. It is so rewarding if you are the one who made it happen. Have a clear vision of your target goal. Focus, commit and enjoy the process in hitting that goal.

MLM tip focus on your goal

There is nothing much more rewarding if you yourself is the one who made your own fortune – not your upline or sponsor. Starting a business is usually really tough. You must have the unstoppable mindset to success. If you don’t know your WHY, decisions become harder to make, commitment and consistency will be shaky because you will be distracted with what the people around you are doing.

How To Avoid Drowning In Debt In MLM Tip #3:


Be A Leader! If you are among those people who can lead, train, motivate and help others to make a difference and you are willing to do that for least a minimum of 3-5 years time, then you could be one of those people who can make a lot of money.

Stop pitching your products to others, stop chasing prospects, stop cold callings and stop pushing your products and opportunity to people who are not even interested.

The truly most important to MLM business opportunity is to get qualified leads and to convert those leads into sales. If your objective is to make a difference to other people’s lives and be credible by leading others to bring out the best out of them, I bet that you maybe have an idea of what an online attraction marketing is – by creating your credibility and trust with your prospects to let them get attracted to you and be happy and interested to join and work with you.

<<< Hope you enjoyed the above video and tips. If so, please share this to others so they can also benefit from this.

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