Get More Customers By Telling Your Powerful Story

Get more customers by telling your powerful story – Your One Step Up!

by jeng cua

Do you want to attract more business and customers?

Do you consistently share your story?


If you are missing this powerful strategy to get more customers by telling your powerful story, then you need to learn and make it a habit to share your story to the world – tell people that you are just like them so they can relate exactly to what they are looking for. If not, or if you’re not doing it correctly, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.
Telling your story is one of the fundamental concepts of Attraction Marketing – people only work with and buy from those that they know, like and trust. As the world becomes more connected through the power of the internet using social medias – stories have such an incredible power to reach, educate, inspire and help others.
Leveraging the tools of the digital/new technology age, I believe the future of storytelling can be even richer and more compelling than its past. All of us has a unique attraction character and by sharing your unique own personal story you can help others get to know, like and trust you. Be authentic and transparent because this is your key to get more customers to your business.

Building Trust & Credibility By Telling Your Story


People don’t care about you, they care about themselves…

 Storytelling is much more effective than going through any kind of sales pitch because this is where you can connect to people to get them engaged and interested to hear more and learn from you. All of us would love to have more time and more money and I believe that everyone in business has a story to tell about how they started. People love to watch true to life story movies and read books where they can relate to the stories right? 

People were fascinated with Mark Zuckerburg story of how Facebook were founded. No matter how big it is, all successful people or businesses has its humble start – our emotions become more active when we hear compelling stories. and we feel more engaged. By Telling your powerful story your prospects or future customers see that you’re “real”, that you’re “just like them”. It build credibility and trust!

Your Unique Story… Attracting More Money

Our fingers has different sizes. Your story sets you apart from everyone else in this world. There will be no same story like yours and for this reason people will remember you because every story is completely and always unique from one another. This is where you can attract the right people to your business and brand yourself as a leader – people who see themselves in your story.

You are taking your target audience on a journey of challenges, struggles, hopes, pains and above all decisions and success. Your storytelling can often be the one thing that causes your prospects to choose to work with you over someone else and buy your product or services. Who doesn’t love hearing a story of rugs to riches?  A former drug addict who became a Millionaire? or a very sick person struggling from a severe illness with no hope to live that become healthy and strong again?

For centuries stories have shaped our thoughts and our actions. We can get influenced and motivated by others. Using story telling in your marketing strategy can be equally powerful and so effective because you can capture and hold the attention of your audience. When your potential customers or partners recognize themselves in your stories, this will make it easier for them to understand how they might benefit from working with your business, using your services and buying whatever products you are selling.
That being said, make sure to share your unique story to others with posture to increase your credibility and trust.

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