Blogging for dollars

Blogging can be done for many reasons!

I write to relax, interact, and socialize. I blog to express like thoughts with my readers, with subjects that captivate our intellect and it’s curiosity. From that thought I glean interaction. In work or play communication is vital to interaction with the culture I seek, the people like me. Key to learning in my book is trust, I derive mine though weighing the interaction with people. Each project I build and publish began with someone else’s priorities and my desire to join their pursuit. Their interest become my field of expertise through research and, you guessed it interaction.

My next project will begin with a creative thought, usually this is the cornerstone of the effort and if I accomplish that I will apply the idea to a new dedicated blog and begin the process of reaching out, meeting the people like me except they are probably experts where I am probably a step under novice, a good thing to remember when I give and gain respect. I am reaching out asking questions only they can answer, and the ones that will are going to teach me a great deal.

You might say “What the heck is this to me?”

When you begin your advertising campaign you can apply this formula. When you can let’s say “Write the book” you are close to being one of the experts, maybe as close as you will get. This builds camaraderie and the confidence it affords, now you are cooking. As I write the blog I accomplish a lot more than publishing a blog, I advertise my new found brand and use the opportunity to find like business that the effort can support as well. Efficiently, I waste no opportunity to reuse and retain for other efforts I find in the future, I assure you I will apply it better each time after.

Adlandpro is our common ground, express your interest to all, share your personal and business goals with the Adlandpro tribe, we have unique goals as well and I, for one wish you to succeed. Have a great day!




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