Blogging for dollars-day 2

I would like to share my blog, it is ready to jump in a telephone booth and get naked, just to emerge as a brand-new, baby powder-sweet book. This non-fiction tale is bulging with personal affirmations from the professionals in the field, wry commentary, and a comprehensive view of “How Do We Feed the World’s Starving” and many of the challenge’s heroes. 

Blogging for dollars, I wrote this book on several platforms soliciting personal contributions of content while spreading the news. During the effort I met many of the international directors of the leading charities, and they were kind to an old war horse like me. Time and time again their hospitality led to what I hope is long-lasting relationships with fine people who care more for others than themselves.

The work being done in the field is miraculous, to think humanity could conjure up such a group of people destined for the joy of disaster relief, and life-changing contributions. Please go to the hotlink provided with this release because this blog is bigger than itself, it is a world-wide phenomena that you must experience through my thoughts, and their hands, eyes, and souls. We must move on.

Blogging is powerful, powerful as it’s message will allow. Today we celebrate blogging for dollars that can feed the starving, tomorrow we might be blogging to feed ourselves. What is your message, do you share it and how if you do? Is it an asteroid flaming blue on it’s trek to you or a snowball rolling down a two-mile high mountainside to bowl over my Mustang, find your power.

Do you write the press releases for your IBO family, do you blog to your constituents, your customers, or do you blog to develop insightful interaction with used to be just customers or potential leads blossoming to friends and camaraderie. Does your writing reach out and touch someone, or lend credibility to your enterprise? Do you make friends along the way… have I?




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