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Statistics shows that there are more than 55% computer users who use Windows 7 as their computer’s operating system. That’s why I thought If I should write some useful tips about Windows 7, it would be very useful for many computer users. 

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Today I am going to give you some of the basic tips and tricks about Windows 7 Operating System. And I want you to Try these instructions while reading this Article for better understanding.. 

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows key and Arrow keys

Pressing windows key and Up arrow key will maximize the Window.

Pressing windows key and Down arrow key will resize or minimize the window.

Pressing Windows key and right or left arrow key will dock the window to right or left side of your Computer screen.

Pressing Windows key + Shift + Up arrow will stretch the window vertically.

If you have multiple monitors, use windows key + Shift + right or left arrow in order to move the window to another monitor.

Zoom In and Out

Pressing Windows key and Plus key will zoom in of what is being displayed on your screen.

Pressing Windows key and Minus key will zoom out.


Windows 7 Search Box



Windows 7 search box allows you to find and run anything. You just need to click start or Windows key and type the name of the program you wish to open.

Windows 7 does a good job in finding an exact match, if more then one match found, use the up or down arrow to select the exact one and you can execute the program or open the file by pressing the enter key.

Some programs may require administrator mode in order to function properly. You can run any program as administrator from the search box by typing the name of the program you want to run and then instead of pressing Enter to run the program press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to run as administrator.


Take advantage of Taskbar

You can pin your favorite programs to the taskbar. It allows easy access to your favorite programs and you need not to use the start menu.

To pin a program to the taskbar, right click on the program and choose the pin to taskbar option  or you can also drag the icon to the taskbar.

You can also arrange the icons of your taskbar according to your wish. Just left click on any icon on the taskbar and drag it to the location you want it to remain.

Windows key and a number

Pressing the windows key and a number on the top row of your keyboard will open the window corresponding to the open program on your taskbar.

For example – Suppose below picture is my taskbar, where Internet explorer is first icon. It means if I click the windows key and 1 from the top of my keyboard then Internet explorer will get open for me. And you can see, I have windows media player in third place. It means if I press the windows key and 3 from the top of the keyboard, Windows media player will get open for me. 

Top 10 Windows 7 tips


Get the Desktop immediately




Do you see a highlighted portion at the right most side of the taskbar? That is called Desktop button. You can click on the desktop button to get the desktop immediately. It is useful when you have many windows opened and you need to go to the desktop immediately. When you click on the desktop button again, you will get the best all opened windows on your computer screen.


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If you would like to keep these Window shortcuts on your own computer, I have created a PDF file just for you.  Feel free to save and share with your friends if you feel it will be of use to them.



You can download the below PDF file about Windows7 Shortcuts.   



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