What to do, If your Facebook Account is Hacked


In my last Article, I explained you how to keep your Facebook Account secure and how to protect yourself from Hackers and Cyber criminals.


But what if your Facebook account is already hacked?

Today I am going to provide you a list of instructions, which one must follow to get back his/her Hacked Facebook account.

1.First of all, how do you know that your Facebook account was hacked?


Security Settings

Check the list of Active Sessions under


And you can end the activities of suspicious sessions.

I recommend you to enable login approval for logging in from an unrecognized device or you can also set app password.


2.And if you can’t logging in even though you know your password then it is likely that your Facebook password already has been changed by somebody else.

Don’t worry, Facebook has several recovery options, which may help you to regain your Facebook account. Follow the below steps to recover your Facebook login password.

   1. Go to the Facebook login page

   2. Click on Forgot Password.

   3. Then Facebook will ask you put your registered email id or registered phone                number.

   4. Put your registered email id or phone number and Facebook will send a Code to        your given email address or phone number and you will see a box asking you to put        the Code.



   5. After putting the Code correctly, Facebook will take you to the next page for                  resetting your password.


How do I recover my Facebook login password- – Ask Leo!


In this way, you can reset your account password and regain your account.


3.What if you have no problem logging in to your Facebook account but you know that your Facebook account has been hacked?

Change your password immediately under



General Account Settings

And make sure to put a strong password. Password which is easy to remember, difficult to guess. Make your new password at least 10 characters long.


4.Don’t stop there, Change your recovery information.

Check your mobile number associated with your account. Hackers may change the number and put their own and can regain your account by using that phone number.

Make sure all the email addresses belong to you. Remove any that you don’t recognize and change the passwords of all registered email ids. As hackers can regain your Facebook account, if they know the passwords of your registered emails.


5.Remove all suspicious Apps under




App Settings



Go through all registered Apps and Click on ‘X’ in order to remove from your Facebook account.

Often, its not a person who hacked your account. Rather a malicious application which hijacked your account.


If you don’t get any help by following these steps, you can ask Facebook for help by visiting HELP CENTER .

I am not how responsive they are and I wouldn’t expect a fast answer by any means, but it may serve as an appropriate last resort.

The reality is that you and I are ultimately responsible for our own security. Don’t wait for your Facebook account to get hacked. You can learn how to keep your Facebook account secure by reading my last Article.



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