What do you have in your house? Or Biblical Stewardship inn 2013


As a saint of God, stewardship is a huge privilege and responsibility; many in this day and age are having a difficult time giving what they would like to the Lord and trying to make ends meet at home.

For years now wives have had to leave children and family to help out with the finances just to assist with the basic needs of the family, want are almost none existent and are pushed further and further down on the budging list. Feeling guilty and strained under the additional role of breadwinner, as well as the traditional roles of wife, family caregiver, household engineer, willing servant to all they love in the church, extended family and community leave many sick with stress borne illness as they try unsuccessfully to play the role of “supermom”.

Many of our men feel the crunch as the wages that seemed to bring a good household income in the early years of their career now barely stretch to cover necessary bills and they have taken on more and more hours or even a second job to try to take up the slack, leaving them tired, exhausted and at times feeling very guilty and yes, even ashamed for net being the sole “bread winner” of the home.

Missing church for work which once was a definite no- no is now happening even among the ministry, as pastors are not able to care for their families and the church expenses; so they become bi-vocational pastors or church planters, as the tithes and offerings no longer meet the needs to accomplish the vision the Lord gave them.

Many are so discouraged and frustrated (within the ministry as well) at the amount of time given to discussing the financial needs of the church, which has led to the “desperate begging” approach by many pastors before the offering is given; that now some have even given up going to the house of the Lord because of the guilt and strain.

Loyal saints are forced to decide between replacing worn out shoes or giving to the building fund, and they are torn with emotions, having a hard time quieting their conscience seeing the church building is worth millions, and feeling ashamed for not being a cheerful giver.

Church leaders are scrambling in these hard economic times to find new and innovative ways to sponsor missionaries at home and abroad.

If we are brutally honest with ourselves and one another we would say we have a problem.

Which is GOOD thing, because you can never address something that is never admitted to; none of us would seek repentance unless we first acknowledge within our hearts that we were a sinner. Healings don’t occur until someone admits they’re in pain or sick.

So lets’ just come right out and say it – the church as a whole is experiencing financial difficulties. There, we have said it and admitted it! Was it really that painful to say? Now what do we do?

Something’s, thankfully, never change and we go back to the old paths –

1) Call on the Lord in prayer – many of us can testify to powerful financial miracles in the past stored up in our God file, and there is nothing like a good crisis for the Lord to work in.

2) Go to the Pastor for godly counsel and additional prayer.

3) Get a group of intercessors together to continually fast and pray until the victory comes.

4) Build up your faith with the word of God – I instantly think of the little prophets widow who was about to lose her boys to slavery if her bills weren’t paid. I love the way the Lord answered her cry, a man of God had the answer, “What do you have in your house?” was the question. “Only a jar of oil” was the reply, notice something profound here the man of God through the unction of the Holy Ghost gave a directive, paraphrasing here of course, “Go, borrow all the empty jars you can from your neighbors and fill them up and sell the oil and pay your debts and live off the rest.” Notice how the Lord allowed this woman her dignity – she was directed to work! There was no going to the neighbors begging for money, or taking out a loan from a bank or the in-laws, but rather a small home based business kept her and her boys afloat! Could I be so bold to put this story in today’s vernacular and say a small initial business investment led to a residual income for the family?

Why is it we rarely look to the word of God for how the Lord works?

5) Remember your own personal God file filled with financial miracles and testimonies you have heard from others. Don’t have a financial miracle testimony yet? Let me quickly share one of mine – as a young family over $3000.00 dollars’ worth of bills had come into our home, which to us might as well have been $30,000. The government needed back taxes, my daughter needed dental surgery, the list went on and on, I took each one of those bills and went to my bedroom and getting down on my knees laid each bill out on the bed and told the Lord the problem. “Lord, you know we can’t pay these, we need your help.” I watched as the Lord paid each one of those bills, money came from all kinds of places, I personally only paid $300.00 to the government (they do not have record of it to this day) there was suddenly money in one government account that cancelled the debt in another account, someone stepped forward and offered (we never asked) to pay for my daughters dental surgery and then paid for a complete dental plan that lasted for the remaining 8 years we were in that community. That was a divine move of God, the Lord knew I had nothing left in my home and I was already working alongside of my husband to meet the monthly bills.

Another quick testimony, I learned one of the most practical financial lessons from one of the new converts in our church; the Lord had given this low income family a Mom with a talent, she could cook. Every week she would go over her bills and bring them before the Lord saying, “Lord I need X amount of dollars to cover my bills this week.” And she would begin to bake, cookies, pies, bread and finally homemade buns that sold out so fast we began to call them blessed. She then, would take them to the farmers market and the Lord would make the sales and without fail, week after week, month after month, year after year, the Lord always met every need and gave her extra to treat her family to a meal out after her long hard work. She reminded me of the little widow woman, “What do you have in your house?”, “Only a little flour, oil and salt”.

So let me ask you saint, pastor, missionary, ministry, “What do you have in your house?”, if you are reading this message online you already have the tools available to make a small business investment and receive a residual income for your family.

The Lord has already provided the vessels and the oil. Connect with us at Ministering to the Saints on Facebook for prayer, encouragement and counsel.

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