Proofreading Tips and Strategies

15 Proofreading tips and strategies to help you with your writing.

Raise your hand if you like proofreading?


If you do, then I applaud you, but for myself –  I hate proofreading, because it is a tedious and time consuming job, yet when you write anything proofreading is an important step if you want to be seen with authority on any topic you are writing about. Over and above using free online proofreading tools, there are other tips that you should get into the practice of doing  and here are 15 tweetable tweets for you and your readers

1.  When proofreading, read your post out loud ->Tweet this tip

2.  When proofreading, read your post slowly  -> Tweet this tip

3.  When proofreading, have others read your post  ->Tweet this tip

4.  When proofreading, take breaks & walk away for awhile -> Tweet this tip

5.  When proofreading be sure to read when you are fresh & awake -> Tweet this tip

6.  When proofreading develop good grammar and spelling skills ->Tweet this tip

7.  When proofreading pay attention to titles, headlines & subheadings  ->Tweet this tip

8.  When proofreading, check 2-3 times  to be sure you that your work is perfect and reads well. ->Tweet this tip

9.  When proofreading, read the post backwards so you can see each word separately -> Tweet this tip

10. When proofreading pay attention to the formatting on the blog post or article -> Tweet this tip

11. When proofreading double check the little words such as  “or” “of” it” ->Tweet this tip

12. When proofreading double check your fonts -> Tweet this tip

13. When proofreading listen to music or chew gum to help keep you focused -> Tweet this tip

14. When proofreading use good lighting. Don’t use fluorescent lighting -> Tweet this tip

15. When proofreading check that all the ALT tags are done properly on images ->Tweet this tip

Share these tweetable proofreading tips and strategies with your friends and help them with their proofreading skills.Now it’s your turn, what proofreading tips and strategies can you share with others?  


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