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Im sure that all of us need more time and money to do the things that we want not only during weekends, but at anytime we want to do it. And by doing the things that we want like having fun with your family at the beach, traveling outside the country, at the movie house or having lunch with your friends, you want your business to make more money even if you are not in your office or in front of your computer.


People are curious to know “How do I do that?”


Let me just share with you my short story here….


Maybe you are familiar with Network Marketing Business or MLM business opportunity or maybe you already have one right now. Let me just share with you some of my struggles in my network marketing business…. during my early days I was so excited to tell everyone about my product and opportunities to my warm and cold markets and most of them tried and love the product. Yes, I made some money but…..



Often times you end up exhausted meeting up with people in the coffee shop, chasing prospects, cold callings, running out of prospects and you will see even your downline fading away from you after all your hard work and effort to bring them in. Is this sounds familiar to you? I have nothing against Network Marketing Business or MLM business in fact this is one of my favorite stream to leverage my income after I quit my job, but calling prospect, running after them, sitting at the coffee shop with my prospect after prospect is not my thing.


And this is what I hate to see that cause strain for many marketers -”more expenses with less results” because most networking companies require that you make a minimum monthly purchase to stay in business it sometimes creates pressure to many marketers to twist the arms of their prospect just to buy their products in order to make sales.


This network marketing disadvantage has been the cause of pain for many marketers. The bottom line, if you’re capably prepared before you wet your toes in any network marketing business then you’ll be able to plan your strategy for you to be able to get ahead.



Your Ultimate Solution Is To Automate Your Business Online!



I’ve just got one simple answer to this – Automate your business online and make your business more efficient and effective. Period! Many network marketers have been misled by uplines that give them an idea of a “get rich quick”. Bear in mind that there is no such thing an easy money in any form of business whether this is a network marketing/mlm business opportunity, restaurant, online business or any traditional business – you need hard work, massive passion, commitment and patience.


If you are like me who wants to bring your network marketing business or any business to the next level by letting your targeted prospect come to you and NOT you hunting them, let me share with you some steps you can take to ensure that when you follow and put in place toautomate your business online that they will be effective and beneficial to your primary business.



Automate Your Business Using Online Tools


What you want for your business is to have a good strong foundation that is solid to make residual income for long term. If you want a result from your business you need to have a positive mindset to improve your way by making your method more efficient, they are often saving time, time that is spent on making more money.


1. Email marketing



Email marketing can be an effective marketing tool for your business. It keeps people to be on your loop to let them aware of your activities and it builds rapport (know, like and trust). One way to automate your email marketing is to create auto responders. Auto responders are emails that are sent out automatically in a sequence that you determine.


This is either set up in daily, weekly or monthly. So, for instance, after someone signs up for your email list or subscription that person then automatically receives a new email from you. This will be an automated email follow up. This is where you can keep your prospect or customer engaged in your campaign for months or years and years to come depending on how many emails you set up!


2. Create Your Internet Hub – Blogging Site



Have some type of website or blog where you are sharing content every single day. It really only takes 30 minutes a day when you get the hang of it. I recommend to blog daily for 90 days. If you do not want to spend much more money to get your own domain and hosting account- getting an authority blogging platform is the fastest and easy way to start with. Then market your content or blog posts. Let the world know about it through social media and syndication.


3. Must Have Optin Form On Your Website/Blog Site



With your online lead generation system in placed – you can capture all your targeted leads/prospects who showed interest in your offer and in the process you can send them follow up messages by giving more informations about your product benefits or opportunities that you want to offer with them later.



That’s pretty much for today.


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